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CES: Tech trends that matter in 2018

Innovation is moving from the CES showroom to your doorstep faster than ever.
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Global Rebalancing

U.S sells oil in the Middle East

In a trade that illustrates how the rise of the American shale industry is upending global energy markets, the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) bought oil directly from the U.S. in December, reports Bloomberg.

Market Perspectives

U.S. dollar faces another challenging year

The U.S. dollar had a rough year in 2017, falling in value against every currency from the “Group of Ten” industrialized countries. What’s the potential for 2018?

Great American Companies

Coca-Cola sets recycling goals

Long criticized by environmentalists for its use of billions of plastic bottles, Coca-Cola announced an aggressive sustainability goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of all the packaging it puts out into the world by 2030, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Raw Materials & Resources

Oversupply of antibiotic-free chicken?

Sanderson Farms, a major U.S. poultry producer, said the supply of antibiotic-free (ABF) chicken is significantly greater than demand, an indication that overproduction could eat into processors’ profits, reports Reuters.