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Risks vs. Reality: Are the markets out of step?

Brexit, trade wars and geopolitical intrigue dominate the headlines. Yet, U.S. business confidence remains high while stocks continue to climb and P/E levels suggest less global risk. We explore this Goldilocks scenario to determine investment opportunities, as well as bears to avoid.

Portfolio Perspectives

Seeking durable quality in a volatile market

Ivy Balanced Fund

The market fluctuations over the past two quarters are unsettling, but part of a new reality. The Ivy Balanced Fund seeks to build a portfolio with equilibrium to withstand a highly volatile environment.

Portfolio Perspectives

Moving to a defensive position for uncertain times

Ivy Apollo Strategic Income Fund

A combination of asset classes may offer lower volatility – a concern for many investors today. The Fund’s sleeve structure allows a blend of three fixed-income strategies.

Portfolio Perspectives

Focusing on quality in volatile times

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

We believe this could be a good environment for growth investors. The Fund seeks companies with durable earnings and revenue growth, especially considering the potential headwinds currently facing the market.

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Late cycle factor risks

An increasingly volatile environment has raised questions about the stock market’s ability to sustain its historic bull run. It’s difficult to know where we stand in the market cycle or which factors may support investment returns in 2019. Is it time to get defensive or is there still room for an aggressive approach?