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An outcry over spilled milk

According to the Wall Street Journal, farmers in the U.S. are pouring out tens of millions of gallons of excess milk, amid a massive glut that has slashed prices and has filled warehouses with cheese.

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The Election. The Economy. The Impact?

It’s understandable if you’re concerned the upcoming election outcome could upend your clients’ portfolios. Several key issues and unknown wildcards could have lasting impacts on the financial markets. Join us as we cut through the political noise.

Market Perspectives

Money Market Reform- what you need to know

Changes are being made to the way money market funds are governed. This article is designed to explain the changes coming to the Ivy and Waddell & Reed Advisors money market funds.

Global Rebalancing

Chinese exports and currency

China’s renewed export weakness is coinciding with a clampdown on surging home prices and corporate debt, according to Bloomberg, stoking expectations policy makers will allow further yuan depreciation to buffer the economy.

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REITs and Rates: Factors beyond the Fed

Uncertainty about interest rates can cause market volatility, but real estate securities typically are driven by underlying economic fundamentals. A combination of healthy fundamentals and attractive valuations now may provide an opportunity for longer term investors.