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Beefing up

Grass-fed beef, once a niche market, is now sold at ballgames, convention centers and nearly every Walmart in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal.

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REITs and Rates: Factors beyond the Fed

Uncertainty about interest rates can cause market volatility, but real estate securities typically are driven by underlying economic fundamentals. A combination of healthy fundamentals and attractive valuations now may provide an opportunity for longer term investors.

Portfolio Perspectives

New leadership may boost Brazil’s economy

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Brazil recently resolved a long-running national trauma by impeaching its president and confirming her replacement. The action opens the door for new efforts to revive the country’s economy.

Portfolio Perspectives

Sweet spot looking sweet once again? Mid caps at midyear

Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund

While sometimes being stuck in the middle can leave much to be desired, other times, the middle ground might be the perfect spot for investors seeking great growth stocks with the potential for less risk.

Raw Materials & Resources

Gigha watts

According to Financial Times, a set of community-owned wind turbines on the Scottish island of Gigha is about to be joined by a less dynamic but potentially more important electrical innovation: a battery.

Innovation & Transformation

The robots of Walmart

Walmart recently patented a system based on mini robots that can control shopping carts and complete a long list of duties once reserved for human employees, accord to Business Insider.