Active managment – Going beyond the index

We believe investors can derive the most long-term benefit through exposure to well-researched actively managed funds.
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Balancing opportunity, volatility and perspective: An investor's guide

Market trends show long-term investors generally have been rewarded over time. However, periods of extreme volatility can challenge even the most seasoned investors. Ivy believes having a perspective of the markets and the factors affecting them can be helpful in assessing current opportunities.

Market Perspectives

Looking beyond stock market volatility

Market volatility can be unsettling, but history shows that prices have returned to less volatile patterns over time. That can be good news for long-term investors.

Portfolio Perspectives

Focused on long-term business models

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

When the market is focused on the short term, we try to take the opposite approach. We look for opportunities to re-position the portfolio into companies where we have high conviction, those names we believe have the long-term ability to withstand market disruptions.

Market Perspectives

CIO Insights - Ivy Roundtable Discussion

Dan Hanson, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, recently sat down with key members of the Ivy Investments team to discuss the economic and market implications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Handling short-term market moves

We tend to exercise patience during market drawdowns, preferring to focus on longer-term investment horizons rather than reacting to near-term estimate revisions.