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Global Rebalancing

Trouble for Venezuela crude?

New sanctions could be on the way for Venezuela’s oil industry as the country’s controversial president, Nicolas Maduro, retaliated against opposition leaders after prevailing in a disputed July referendum, according to MarketWatch.

Portfolio Perspectives

Investing in a rapidly-changing bond market

The bond market is evolving quickly, as an almost-30-year bull market seems to be drawing to an end. To find yield and income in a new environment, perhaps we need a new way of looking at bond investing.

Morning Meeting Insights

Impacts of e-commerce on retail

Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

Cynthia Prince-Fox and Chace Brundige, CFA, portfolio managers, believe online and mobile e-commerce will remain a key driver of change for retailers in the U.S. and other countries.

Raw Materials & Resources

Coffee trends revive African industry

Bloomberg reports that customers willing to pay a premium for African brews, known for their floral, fruity flavors, are driving purchases of coffee from the continent where the drink is said to have originated.