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Market Perspectives

Q4 Outlook:
Global economy staggers toward year end

Volatility has been the story of 2019. While we believe market headwinds will keeping global economic growth relatively weak for the rest of the year, signs of stabilization could appear in the next few months.

Market Perspectives

CIO Insights: Staying focused on high-quality business models

The Business Roundtable recently updated its view on the “Purpose of a Corporation” and the reactions were immediate. Is it the end of capitalism? Just lip service to support entrenched management teams? Our team analyzed the potential impact on business, industry analysis and corporate governance.

Portfolio Perspectives

Big innovators among small companies

Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund

While the small-cap category recently has underperformed, we believe our process for identifying innovators among the universe of small-cap companies, particularly in the information technology and health care sectors, can create long-term investment opportunities.

Ivy Live

The economics of geopolitics

Trade war escalation and stalled Brexit negotiations have boosted investment risk and market volatility. Our panelists discussed the geopolitical landscape and how it's influencing investment decisions.

Market Perspectives

Beyond the volatility: is a near-term recession likely?

August has been a highly volatile period for the financial markets. Reignited trade tensions and recent yield-curve inversions have spooked investors, culminating in a 3% drop in the S&P 500 Index on Aug. 14, its worst day of the year.

Market Perspectives

Fed cuts rates; where do we go from here?

The Fed announced a much-anticipated one-quarter-percentage-point cut to the federal funds rate. Following the decision, Fed Chairman Powell's press conference commentary was perceived as unexpectedly hawkish. While the market had a 'buy the rumor, sell the news’ reaction, but we believe underlying fundamentals should support continued growth during the rest of 2019.