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Market Perspectives

Can Emerging Asia dethrone Silicon Valley?

Emerging Asia is solidifying its place in the global technology landscape where the region has evolved from copycat to pioneer. The Ivy Investments team gives its view on how the future of innovation is gradually shifting to areas of the world previously viewed as a hub for low-cost manufacturing or assembly.

Global Rebalancing

India’s smartphone boom

Lava, a small player in India’s booming mobile economy, is nowhere near Apple in name recognition, but it is a bright spot in India’s effort to become a global hub for electronics manufacturing, reports Reuters.

Ivy Live

November Highlights: Consumption disruption in 2019?

The U.S. consumer is alive and well, and has been a significant contributor to domestic economic growth in 2018. Because consumer confidence and robust spending go hand in hand, what’s the outlook for 2019? Watch the November Ivy Live replay for our take.

Portfolio Perspectives

Drilling into potential of Oil Services, E&P companies

Ivy Energy Fund

We think the oil market still is early in the recovery stage with solid supply-demand fundamentals. In analyzing potential opportunities, we think several factors may affect two key industry segments.