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China closes plants to fight pollution

According to Reuters, China's top steelmaking city has ordered many of its industrial factories to curb production or even close for as long as four months through March in a bid to clear the skies of smog.

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Getting active in emerging markets

Emerging market equities have extended their rally this year, reaching the best levels since 2009. Where can the recovery go from here? Join the discussion in our November webcast.

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We think high dividend-paying equities belong in your growth portfolio

Ivy Global Equity Income Fund

Numerous studies have validated that older populations tend to gravitate towards dividend-paying equities. However, the majority of research has left one question unanswered. Would a quickly growing older population have any effect on the returns of higher dividend-paying equities? The answer draws serious investment implications.

Great American Companies

The razor battle is on

In August, Harry’s Razor Co., a three-year-old business that started out selling razors online, put up displays in nearly 1,800 Targets stores, according to the Wall Street Journal.