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Innovation & Transformation

Smart… yet cheap

If all goes according to plan, the cheapest smartphone the world has seen will soon be released, according to Bloomberg.

Ivy Live

What will the world do with negative interest rates?

Global central banks, including those in Europe and Japan, have pushed interest rates into negative territory to stimulate lending and economic growth. But will it work? Join our interactive discussion to explore the potential impact.

Morning Meeting Insights

Investable Theme: The purchasing power of U.S. consumers

Matt Hekman, portfolio manager of Ivy Balanced Fund, is seeing a relatively favorable backdrop for U.S. consumers in economic and wage growth, household formations and confidence measures.

Morning Meeting Insights

Investable Theme: Opportunities increasing for small caps tied to U.S. defense spending

Tim Miller, portfolio manager of Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund, believes that recent increased spending in the U.S. defense budget is just one of a number of tailwinds helping today’s small-cap companies in the technology and services sector.

Raw Materials & Resources

America’s oil reserves

A recent analysis of global oil reserves indicates the United States could have more oil than Saudi Arabia, according to The Bakken.

Market Perspectives

2016 Midyear Outlook:
Six issues to watch now

Investors face a world with uneven economic growth and a general lack of market direction. We believe our active management approach can help uncover opportunity in this uncertain environment.