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Focusing on quality in volatile times

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

We believe this could be a good environment for growth investors. The Fund seeks companies with durable earnings and revenue growth, especially considering the potential headwinds currently facing the market.

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Late cycle factor risks

An increasingly volatile environment has raised questions about the stock market’s ability to sustain its historic bull run. It’s difficult to know where we stand in the market cycle or which factors may support investment returns in 2019. Is it time to get defensive or is there still room for an aggressive approach?

Market Perspectives

Fed stays consistent; what's next for rates?

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell made it clear during his recent testimony that the Fed is not changing its guidance in the near term. Ivy continues to believe the Fed will take a ‘wait and see’ approach due to a great deal of uncertainty regarding trade and economic growth.

Portfolio Perspectives

Pockets of perceived opportunity

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

Despite a volatile 2018, the Ivy International Core Equity Fund team believes pockets of opportunity exists, you just have to know where to look in an evolving international investment landscape.

Portfolio Perspectives

Five reasons for high yield in 2019

Ivy High Income Fund

As proven investors in the high yield space, we understand recent concerns about a slowing global economy. Chad Gunther, portfolio manager of Ivy High Income Fund, believes there are five reasons high yield offers potential opportunities for investors in 2019.

Portfolio Perspectives

Emerging markets have potential for brighter 2019

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

The Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund managers say the main headwinds for emerging markets in 2019 are idiosyncratic risks that affect relatively few countries. They think several key factors create a brighter outlook in 2019.