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Portfolio Perspectives

Pockets of perceived opportunity

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

Despite a volatile 2018, the Ivy International Core Equity Fund team believes pockets of opportunity exists, you just have to know where to look in an evolving international investment landscape.

Portfolio Perspectives

Five reasons for high yield in 2019

Ivy High Income Fund

As proven investors in the high yield space, we understand recent concerns about a slowing global economy. Chad Gunther, portfolio manager of Ivy High Income Fund, believes there are five reasons high yield offers potential opportunities for investors in 2019.

Portfolio Perspectives

Emerging markets have potential for brighter 2019

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

The Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund managers say the main headwinds for emerging markets in 2019 are idiosyncratic risks that affect relatively few countries. They think several key factors create a brighter outlook in 2019.

Raw Materials & Resources

U.S. cheese surplus sets record

The average American consumed nearly 37 pounds of cheese in 2017, but it wasn’t enough to put a dent in the country’s 1.4 billion-pound cheese surplus, reports NPR.

Market Perspectives

China still seeks growth while navigating new challenges

China was under tremendous pressure during the past year from fears of a slowing economy and the impact of the U.S. trade dispute. Global Economist Derek Hamilton traveled widely through China to understand the current situation, and analyzes the challenges and potential policy responses.

Ivy Live

Today’s trendsetters in technology and health care

Technology and health care companies are changing the world through innovation. Our Ivy Live panel shared trends and ideas that caught their attention after attending CES and the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, and what it all could mean for investors in 2019.