2018 Midyear Global Outlook

What’s in store for the second half of 2018? Get the Ivy Investments team’s views in our Midyear Global Outlook.
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Global Rebalancing

China hands the world a 111 million ton trash problem

For years, China has been the world’s biggest importer of used plastic, buying 106 million tons of old bags, bottles, wrappers and containers annually, according to Bloomberg. So last year, when the country announced it would cease buying the world’s trash, other governments knew they had a problem, but were unsure how big of a problem.

Portfolio Perspectives

Emerging markets: Staying the course

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Investors focused on short-term issues may be missing a larger picture. We believe emerging markets – while volatile at times – will continue to offer potential opportunities in the foreseeable future.

Portfolio Perspectives

When Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Case For Japanese Small Cap Stocks

Ivy IG International Small Cap Fund

We believe Japanese small cap equities are far less exposed to shaky global trade dynamics and currency fluctuations than their large cap counterparts. Take a look at our top-five reasons that make them a compelling addition to an international small cap portfolio.

International landscape, distinct choices

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