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Ivy Live

Earnings season reimagined

The economic impact of tax cuts, stimulus and 2018 corporate earnings were just some of the topics kicked around on the May Ivy Live broadcast.

Great American Companies

UPS explores a new delivery service

United Parcel Services (UPS), the world’s largest package deliverer, is in talks with at least one U.S. trucking firm to launch an in-home delivery service for large, heavy goods like couches and treadmills, according to Reuters.

Portfolio Perspectives

Leverage plays a key role in driving performance across the mid-cap growth universe

Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund

The extended period of low interest rates often meant companies could gain an advantage by refinancing balance-sheet debt at low cost. As a result, leverage became an important variable in driving the performance of stocks across the mid-cap growth universe. What are the implications and potential opportunities for Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund now that interest rates are rising?

Raw Materials & Resources

Technology fuels growing demand for cobalt

Cobalt is rapidly rising in price and could face possible shortages in the future, reports CNBC. Why? The once little-known element is a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries, which are in high demand because of their use in a wide array of technological devices, including mobile phones and electrified vehicles.

Innovation & Transformation

China’s “intelligent highway”

The road to China’s autonomous-driving future is paved with solar panels, mapping sensors and electric-battery rechargers, according to Bloomberg.