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Active allocation: A world of ideas

Global equity markets regained the ground lost in late 2018, with economic stimulus in China fueling emerging market performance and a newly dovish Fed boosting U.S. equities. Where might the markets go from here? We’ll explore the investment landscape and ideas to guide allocation decisions.

Market Perspectives

Trade tumult: What's next for U.S.-China trade?

Trade talks between the U.S. and China have stalled. Ivy believes a near-term deal is still in the cards, but a prolonged stalemate heightens the possibility of recession.

Portfolio Perspectives

Seeking durable quality in a volatile market

Ivy Balanced Fund

The market fluctuations over the past two quarters are unsettling, but part of a new reality. The Ivy Balanced Fund seeks to build a portfolio with equilibrium to withstand a highly volatile environment.

Portfolio Perspectives

Moving to a defensive position for uncertain times

Ivy Apollo Strategic Income Fund

A combination of asset classes may offer lower volatility – a concern for many investors today. The Fund’s sleeve structure allows a blend of three fixed-income strategies.