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Portfolio Perspectives

Sweet spot looking sweet once again? Mid caps at midyear

While sometimes being stuck in the middle can leave much to be desired, other times, the middle ground might be the perfect spot for investors seeking great growth stocks with the potential for less risk.

Innovation & Transformation

A driverless future

Ford recently announced that it plans to release a driverless car within the next five years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Portfolio Perspectives

Key tailwinds for emerging markets now

We think potential opportunities in emerging market equities may continue in the near term from lower oil prices and ongoing reform programs in many emerging market countries.

Ivy Live

The Amazon Effect

From books to Borax and data to drones, Amazon is revolutionizing retail shopping, shipping, data storage and delivery. The result is providing new efficiencies to consumers and clients and major headaches to competitors.

Innovation & Transformation

An Indian operating system

The second-most popular smartphone operating system in India is IndusOS, a multilingual OS developed entirely in India, according to Bloomberg.

Global Rebalancing

Internationally affordable

British Columbia announced that, as of August 2, 2016, it will charge an additional transfer tax of 15% of a property’s value to foreign buyers in Vancouver.