CIO Insights - Epidemiology of the markets

Dan Hanson, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
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Ivy Live

Coronavirus: Market impact and macro view

Elevated uncertainties over the coronavirus outbreak and its economic implications have wreaked havoc on the capital markets. On Ivy Live, we discussed current market conditions and how long we might be in this wildly volatile environment.

Market Perspectives

The economic impact of the coronavirus

Investor reactions to the coronavirus outbreak have been dramatic, with the major U.S. stock indexes dipping into correction territory. Will the economic impact be as swift and severe? We believe the economic disruption could be sharply negative, but it may also be temporary.

Ivy Live

Ivy's guide to the 2020 elections

It may only be February, but campaign 2020 is here. On the recent Ivy Live, our panelists discussed stimulus, which is an issue that isn't getting much attention now, but could have big market ramifications regardless of who wins the White House.

Portfolio Perspectives

Active approach to navigating the credit market

Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

As the current market expansion continues to mature, the one size fits all attraction of some passively managed fixed income strategies could expose investors to a greater variety of risks than their equity counterparts. We believe in a more nimble approach.

Market Perspectives

Ivy CIO Insights: Global tech and U.S.-China trade war

China’s aggressive tech ambitions and the ongoing trade war present challenges, but may create opportunities for long-term investors. Our team discussed navigating the current global technology environment amid the uncertainty.