The Fed shifts on inflation – What does it mean?

The Fed unveiled a revision to its monetary policy, allowing for higher inflation to help support the labor market. We believe this action could keep interest rates low for years.
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Inflation Outlook

With the recent wave of massive stimulus, should inflation be a concern?

Market & Economic Insights

Ivy’s 2020 Midyear Outlook on Asset TV

Global Economist Derek Hamilton recently appeared on Asset TV to share Ivy’s Midyear Outlook. Check out our assessment of what investors might expect for the second half of 2020, including the likelihood of continued stimulus from global policymakers and the possible wildcards in the upcoming election.

Market & Economic Insights

2020 Midyear Outlook – Dog Years of Investing

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused one of the most rapid and dramatic economic downturns in history. It seems an entire market cycle has been compressed into a few months. At the 2020 midpoint, we assess the evolving investment landscape and the likely path forward.