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Down but Not Out

While European economies remain challenged with COVID-19-induced lockdowns, we expect the outlook to markedly improve as the vaccination rollout continues.

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Investment Update

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

A closer look at Fund allocation as economies plan to re-open as the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully wanes.

Ivy Live

2021 Outlook — Beginning of a new cycle

Despite all of the turmoil in 2020, the markets are experiencing a resurging risk-on attitude. What does this mean for investors? Our Ivy Live panelists recently shared their 2021 market observations and the possible implications.

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Opportunities in High Yield

Ivy High Income Fund

Many investors struggle with today’s interest rate levels. We believe two areas of the high yield market offer strong risk-adjusted total return potential along with high dividends: bank loans and below BB-rated corporate securities.

Product Insights

Investment Update

Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund

In an unpredictable 2020, the lesson learned was to maintain the Fund’s core stock selection discipline. We believe the market ultimately rewards small caps that can deliver sales and earnings growth and returns on capital.