Baby Boomers are gearing up to mobilize one of the greatest wealth transfers in history. Enhance your understanding of this optimistic and competitive generation and learn why connecting with their kids will benefit your practice.

The Generations

From Traditionalist to Generation Edge, advisors must understand the stories behind each generation to continue growing their business.

Baby Boomer: 1946 - 1964

Many Baby Boomers have bounced back from the Great Recession and are cautiously optimistic about their financial futures. They currently control the majority of disposable income and show no signs of slowing down. Boomers will continue to redefine what retirement looks like, and the advisors who can tap into their youthful spirit will have the most success with this game-changing generation.

Events and Conditions

What happens during our formative years has a significant impact on our behavior, outlook and generational personalities.

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As a result of events and conditions during their formative years, each generation develops a specific set of characteristics.

Financial Outlook

As Boomers continue to hit retirement age, they will lean on advisors for support in juggling their many financial responsibilities and for help broaching wealth transfer conversations with their heirs.

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