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A Satisfied Client

Business strategies to provide superior client service

Is it time to get back to basics and ramp up your client service process, but you’re unsure where to begin? Unlike investment performance, superior client service is entirely under your control. Learn how delivering consistently excellent client service, coupled with the right amount of contact, will lead to long-term client satisfaction, loyalty and referrals.

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Active Share — Beyond the Benchmark

A useful tool to help guide investors

Is it possible to find a measure with the potential to identify active mutual fund managers to produce positive returns? The answer is “yes” according to Dr. Martijn Cremers, co-author of How Active Is Your Fund Manager? A New Measure That Predicts Performance. Hear how active share — a measurement that indicates how much a fund’s holdings differ from those of its benchmark — may correlate to a fund’s potential performance.

A Guide to Understanding Active Share

Social Security Strategies

Client Appropriate / CFP, CIMA, CPE/CPA APPROVED

Maximizing your retirement income

Ninety percent of all Social Security recipients fail to maximize their lifetime benefit because they are unaware of their options. Filing too early can mean getting a smaller check and losing out on money. Delaying can mean achieving a return that could outpace the stock market.

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