Tools to strategically align your retirement business goals


Fee Disclosures

Client Appropriate / CFP, CIMA, CPE/CPA Approved

Tips for enhancing client retention and prospecting opportunities

Participant disclosures, under ERISA 404(a), are pressuring employers to justify the fees charged by service providers. Retirement plan advisors can benefit from helping plan sponsors prepare for requirements and become proactive versus reactive. Learn how you can help educate plan sponsors and participants, understand the importance of documenting the processes and discover ways to “insert” yourself into the fee disclosure process.

Participant Fee Disclosure Program

Prospecting & Selling Retirement Plans

A 10-Step Roadmap to Success

Advisors who are most successful in selling retirement plan business create a strategic prospecting and selling plan and are disciplined about working their plan. This program outlines a 10-step roadmap advisors can take to boost their retirement plan-focused prospecting and selling.

Program Tools  

401(k) Physical

Completing a plan wellness check-up

A healthy plan means different things to different plan sponsors. Most would agree that compliance is an important component of plan wellness. However, ensuring that the plan is meeting the plan sponsor’s business objectives and producing positive participant outcomes in terms of retirement readiness are also important aspects of a plan’s health.

Plan Wellness Check-Up

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Participant Resources

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