Bridge the Gap ℠

Useful tools to help you understand the generation gap with family members, friends and colleagues.
Raising financially smart kids

Passing on life lessons from generation to generation is incredibly important, especially when it comes to topics like money. Strangely enough, personal finance is not a subject often taught in the public school system. Only 21 states require high school students to take a course in personal finance,1 and if offered in college, they are rarely required.

Three plans every Gen Xer needs to consider before they turn 50
Xers - hitting the big 5-0 is a big milestone. Uncover the three essential plans you may want to consider to protect your family and yourself.
Estate planning for future generations

If your family is like many others, talking about money is taboo. Don’t let poor communication be the reason your legacy doesn’t last for generations.

Generational happiness

From loyalty to impact and autonomy to experiences discover how each generation defines happiness.

Preparing for parenthood: Millennial style
Becoming a parent can be both an exciting and nerve-racking time. Although you and your friends may still feel young, the number of Millennial parents is growing. More than a million Millennials become parents each year – in addition to the 16 million Millennials who are already parents. 1 But don’t fret too much about parenthood; your unique generational characteristics will allow you to handle the daunting journey of preparing for kids with relative ease.
Five ways Millennials are disrupting home ownership

Due to the recent housing shortage, Millennials are shaking up homeownership the same way they’re changing everything from retail to technology.

The movies that define each generation

Whether you’re watching them to laugh or to cry, movies have a way of reflecting our world back to us. Discover which movies have defined each generation, what resonates with them and why.

Your health is your greatest wealth. How prepared are you?

Regardless of your generation, it is important to have conversations about what you value most in life and how you would want to be treated in specific health or medical situations.

Saying “yes” to giving

Generational differences impact everything from family dynamics to charitable giving. You can help clients who are raising funds for philanthropic organizations by sharing this article with them.

Millennials are taking their parents to work. Yes, it’s really a thing.

Parental involvement in children’s lives has slowly but surely streamed into the workplace. Rather than shake your head, discover how the parent/Millennial relationship can benefit your office.