Technology solutions for aging adults


As the population ages, friends and family members are determined to help older adults age in place. Fortunately, there is an elder-care technology evolution underway that can provide a watchful eye, constant connection and comfort knowing that someone will be there when your loved ones need the support. Missy Escribano, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, has provided the following technology solutions for aging adults.

Make health monitoring easier:

Grandcare is a tool that enables family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals to remotely care for an individual, regardless of geographic location. A large touchscreen provides the individual with social communications, instructions, reminders and medication prompts. While no computer skills are needed, this tool is not recommended for those with dementia.

Lively is a smart watch with a sensor that monitors and records daily activity. Other features include a medication reminder, pedometer, clock and access to 24/7 emergency response. A dashboard allows family members to check in and feel confident that their loved one is active and safe.

GeriJoy is a virtual companion for aging adults. GeriJoy employs a global team of remote caregivers, who provide round-the-clock personalized emotional support, cognitive stimulation, care and wellness reminders and timely reporting through an avatar.

The virtual marketplace offers services to enhance one’s lifestyle:

Task Rabbit allows seniors to pick a task from a list of chores and errands ranging from moving furniture to shopping. Users get matched with a skilled tasker within minutes of the request. The tasker arrives, completes the job and bills services directly to the app.

Handy allows individuals to choose from services from professional home cleaners to handymen. This service can be especially helpful for seniors who live alone or have family out of town.

Many stores are starting to see the importance of home delivery and grocery stores are no different. Instacart allows individuals to get their groceries delivered to their doorstep in as little as an hour.

High-tech utensil to help with hand tremors:

For individuals living with essential tremors or Parkinson’s, it’s not easy to eat with shaking hands. In fact, it’s next to impossible. Liftware is a smart spoon that reduces shakes to allow people with hand tremors to eat independently.

Apps for elders and caregivers:

Voxer is a live messaging app that will allow loved ones to stay connected. The service allows people to use their cell phones as a live walkie-talkie to send messages and photos. The app is helpful for older adults who may have problems texting.

Carezone is an app that helps family members keep track of medications, a journal to document symptoms, a calendar for medical appointments and prescription refills, medical contact numbers and tips on healthy topics. You can share access to important information with family members to help coordinate care for a loved one.

Android’s Google Now, iOS’s Siri and Samsung’s S Voice can turn your phone or tablet into virtual assistants. Use these tools as reminders to take medicine, respond to a text message, read emails, set doctor’s appointments and more. Click here for commands that may be useful.

Today’s technology is giving families the confidence to know their loved ones can age at home while keeping seniors engaged, connected, mentally active and physically safe. Talk to your loved ones about the solutions that may be a fit for them. Take time to explain how these tools can allow them to stay safe and support their desire to remain at home as they age and provide relief for aging seniors and their family members.

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