An investor account may only be opened through a registered financial advisor. Once you have established an account, you can continue to manage transactions through your financial advisor or directly with us. Following are a variety of forms to assist you in managing your existing account(s).

Note: In order to save any forms completed electronically, you must use Adobe Acrobat version 7 or higher. You can download the most recent version at

All Account Types

Automatic Investment Service (AIS) Form

Establish automatic investments into your existing account through electronic transfers from your checking or savings account.

Flexible Withdrawal Service (FWS) Form

Establish systematic withdrawals from your existing account distributed to you via regular check or money electronically deposited to your local bank account.

Dividend / Capital Gain Distribution Options Form

Establish or update dividends and capital gains distributions options.

Non-Retirement Accounts

Account Service Request Form

Use this form for a variety of account requests including redemption, address change, exchange, transfers and changes to distribution options.

IRA Accounts

Transfer Authorization Form

Transfer assets from an existing IRA to an Ivy Funds IRA.

Beneficiary Designation Form

Name beneficiaries.

Successor Beneficiary Designation

Name or change successor beneficiaries.

IRA Withdrawal Form

Use this form to request a distribution from your individual retirement account.

InvestEd 529 Plan Accounts

InvestEd Change of Investment Form

Change the investment strategy of your InvestEd account.

InvestEd Beneficiary Change Form

Change the beneficiaries on your InvestEd account.

InvestEd Withdrawal Form

Request a distribution from your InvestEd account.