An investor account may only be opened through a registered financial professional. Once established, your account offers a variety of services designed to simplify the management of your investments. Of course, your financial professional is your best resource to advise you on account activity and help to ensure that your decisions fit your long-term financial plan.

Access Your Account Online

Once you have registered for online account access you can manage your accounts through our website at your convenience.

Manage Your Account

Learn about your investment options and how to buy, sell and exchange shares. Update your personal information and take advantage of other account services.


Access forms that will enable you to update information or add and change services on your account.

Popular Forms
Redemption form
IRA / ESA withdrawal form
Express Transaction form

Tax Center

Access valuable tax information including forms, mailing dates and other related information that may aid you in preparing your federal and state income tax returns.

Plan Sponsor Connect

Plan Sponsor Connect is a tool that provides 24/7 access for plan administrators and small business owners to manage group plans online.

Key Features Include:

  • 24/7 Plan access
  • View or update participant allocations real time
  • Release rosters via ACH transmission
  • Manage company information
  • Access plan level reports

Access Plan Sponsor Connect

Plan Sponsor Connect User Guide

Plan Sponsor Connect Banking Information Form

Plan Sponsor Connect Payment Submission Form