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Insights: Chart Of The Week

Market & Economic Insights / 11.24.20

Inflation Anyone?

The United States has been in a deflationary trend for almost 50 years. That may be about to change.

/ 11.20.20

Stimulus Please

Spring stimulus is wearing off at a time when localities are considering additional lockdowns. Will another stimulus package arrive sooner than later?

/ 11.13.20

Pfizer: Our vaccine is 90%+ effective against COVID-19

Broad immunity in the U.S. population is material when thinking about a full economic reopening. When can that happen?

/ 11.06.20

Manufacturing Roaring Back

Manufacturers are seeing order books increase at the highest rate since January 2004. Will the renewed surge in COVID-19 cases halt the momentum?

/ 10.30.20

Show Me the Money

The S&P 500 Index has predicted nearly every U.S. presidential election since 1928, missing only three times. Will 2020 be another surprise?

/ 10.23.20

Presidential Election Goes Viral

Is a second wave of COVID-19 cases the “October surprise” in the 2020 elections? Ivy looks at the pandemic’s possible impact on the election.

/ 10.16.20

Easy come, easy go

U.S. savings rates have doubled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will consumer spending pick up, giving the economy a little cushion?