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Market & Economic Insights / 04.08.21

Perfect Timing

Market & Economic Insights / 03.31.21

Blueprint to Summer

To gauge the effect of vaccinations on COVID-19 and related economic activity, look no further than Israel.

Product Insights / 03.29.21

Investment Update - EME

Emerging markets have come a long way from their boom-and-bust commodity cycle of the 1990’s. Today’s emerging markets are leapfrogging several developed markets in terms of innovative technology and growth opportunities.

Market & Economic Insights / 03.26.21

More equities? Yes, please.

Investors are flocking to equities more than at any time except the dot-com boom. What might that tell us?

Market & Economic Insights / 03.19.21

Waiting to Fly

U.S. air travel is at a post-pandemic high. Is a summertime recovery on the horizon?

Product Insights / 03.19.21

Investment Update

Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund

From 2013 to 2015, we faced headwinds as a low interest rate environment challenged our pro-quality investment approach and rewarded companies that piled on debt. Once again, we are experiencing a low interest rate environment; however, this time the Fund has performed well. What’s different this time?

Market & Economic Insights / 03.12.21

Bubbling Oil

Brent crude oil is up 257% since its April 2020 bottom. Are there still investment opportunities in the energy patch?

Market & Economic Insights / 03.05.21

The Road Ahead

We believe manufacturing and increased consumer spending should lead to U.S. GDP growth well above consensus estimates.

CIO Insights / 03.03.21

CIO Insights - Ride the cycle

The global economy stands at the dawn of a new business cycle. We outline the implications for investors.

Market & Economic Insights / 03.02.21

Invest in the future: Health care in emerging markets

Investors commonly see emerging markets as an asset class that requires market timing. That it comes in and out of fashion like turtlenecks and corduroys – just a short-term fad. However, don’t look for reasons this latest investment trend will soon end up in the donation pile.

Market & Economic Insights / 02.26.21

Diverging paths

The reflation trade is alive and well in U.S. markets. While there is plenty of evidence to be seen in equity markets, bond markets are adhering to the theme as well.

Product Insights / 02.24.21

Investment Update

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

Last year, investors had to choose between quality and growth. When forced to pick, we chose quality every time. Get our views on the current environment.

Market & Economic Insights / 02.19.21

Down but Not Out

While European economies remain challenged with COVID-19-induced lockdowns, we expect the outlook to markedly improve as the vaccination rollout continues.

Market & Economic Insights / 02.12.21

Recovery on Track

The U.S. 10-year breakeven rate, the difference between the yield on the benchmark U.S. Treasury note and its inflation-protected counterpart, has recently touched levels not seen since 2014.

Product Insights / 02.08.21

Investment Update

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

A closer look at Fund allocation as economies plan to re-open as the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully wanes.

CIO Insights / 02.05.21

CIO Insights – The beginning of a new cycle

10 observations of the current market and possible implications for investors in 2021.

Market & Economic Insights / 02.04.21

Will the Fed raise a key rate soon?

With short-term rates getting dangerously close to zero, and possibly negative, does the Fed need to step in to raise a key interest rate?

Product Insights / 02.01.21

Investment Update

Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund

In an unpredictable 2020, the lesson learned was to maintain the Fund’s core stock selection discipline. We believe the market ultimately rewards small caps that can deliver sales and earnings growth and returns on capital.

Market & Economic Insights / 01.29.21

Is cash on the sidelines a bullish sign?

Money market fund assets grew by 32% from February to May in 2020 and sit at $4.3 trillion today. Is that a bullish sign for equities?

Market & Economic Insights / 01.22.21

Savings on the rise, pent-up demand awaits

Accumulated savings for the period of February 2020 through November 2020 was up 153% from the same period in 2019.

Market & Economic Insights / 01.15.21

Fiscal Support Rolls On

Personal consumption has nearly made a full recovery from the onset of the 2020 recession. Unprecedented fiscal stimulus is responsible.

CIO Insights / 01.08.21

Turning the page on 2020

As we move past the challenges of 2020, we are optimistic about the global economy and markets for 2021.

Market & Economic Insights / 01.08.21

This Trend is Your Friend

We believe pressure on the U.S. dollar may provide a boost for investors in foreign assets.

Product Insights / 12.18.20

Three Questions to Ask as an International Core Equity Investor

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

How Ivy approaches a core international investment mandate and how the Ivy International Core Equity Fund is positioned in today's evolving investment landscape.

Market & Economic Insights / 12.18.20

Waiting for the Opportunity to Spend

We believe spending patterns among income groups is telling a strong story for the back half of 2021.

Product Insights / 12.16.20

Investment update

Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

With a bias toward off-the-run and off-benchmark investment-grade securities, we believe we are positioned for opportunities to start 2021 despite ongoing market uncertainty.

Market & Economic Insights / 12.11.20

Dark Before the Dawn

We believe the pandemic will continue to wreak havoc on parts of the economy through the first quarter of 2021. However, our above-consensus 2021 growth estimate may encourage risk taking in equity markets.

Product Insights / 12.09.20

Investment Update

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

A look at growth- versus value-oriented stocks in today’s volatile market environment.

CIO Insights / 12.07.20

CIO Insights – A look at markets now and beyond

Where do markets currently stand and what’s our preliminary outlook for 2021?

Market & Economic Insights / 12.04.20

Winter is Coming

Estimates show brick-and-mortar retailers store traffic was down 48% on Black Friday versus last year, while online sales were up 22% year over year. What are category spending patterns telling us about consumers right now?

Product Insights / 12.02.20

Investment Update

Ivy High Income Fund

The high yield asset class has nearly recovered the losses from the March correction. What areas of high yield are offering the most opportunity?

Market & Economic Insights / 11.24.20

Inflation Anyone?

The United States has been in a deflationary trend for almost 50 years. That may be about to change.

Market & Economic Insights / 11.13.20

Election 2020: Divided we stand?

Joe Biden's path to the White House was historic but didn't include the much hyped "blue wave." We offer insights on the impact of the 2020 election and how the Biden administration could push its agenda through a divided government.

Product Insights / 11.11.20

Investment Update

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

A closer look at the emerging-markets landscape and five key strengths driving Fund performance.

CIO Insights / 11.09.20

Election updated – The Biden presidency

Read the latest Ivy Investments updates on the 2020 election and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Product Insights / 11.04.20

Investment Update

Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund

We believe the recent bounceback in mid-caps is a risk-aversion rally. Will the safest companies continue to lead the markets amid pandemic and economic uncertainties? Get our latest views.

Product Insights / 11.02.20

Investment Update

Ivy Municipal Bond Fund
Ivy Municipal High Income Fund

The portfolio management team of the Ivy Municipal Bond Fund, Ivy Municipal High Income Fund and Ivy California Municipal High Income Fund provides an update on the Funds and the municipal space.

CIO Insights / 10.28.20

2020 Elections: Forget the hype, focus on fundamentals

The outcome of the 2020 elections poses significant economic and market implications. We analyze three possible scenarios and how the markets might react to each of them, as well as what it all means for investors.

Product Insights / 10.28.20

Investment Update

Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

A closer look at Fund performance and positioning in unclear times.

Market & Economic Insights / 10.26.20

Ivy Insights – Housing, Health Care and Utilities

The upcoming U.S. election and COVID-19 have impacted key industries and sectors differently. We discuss the challenges and opportunities in housing, health care and utilities.

Product Insights / 10.21.20

Investment Update

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

The competitive forces facing growth companies in the current market environment have been unrelenting. Will a new reality emerge for perceived pandemic victors? Get our latest views.

Market & Economic Insights / 10.19.20

Investment Update – Financials

A shift in consumer and business trends are impacting the financial sector in unique ways. What companies might benefit? Take a look.

Product Insights / 10.14.20

Investment Update

Ivy Small Cap Core Fund

The portfolio management team provides a candid assessment of the Fund’s performance during the current period of rampant market uncertainty.

Market & Economic Insights / 10.12.20

Overview on key market moving issues

With earnings season underway, we offer our insights on key issues influencing the markets like the resurging global economy, the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the U.S. elections.

Product Insights / 10.07.20

Investment Update

Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund

While sentiment suggests the likelihood of economic improvement in 2021, the Ivy Small Cap Growth team has made slight changes to the portfolio we believe are likely to create near-term opportunities.