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Product Insights / 09.03.21

Three Questions to Ask as an International Core Equity Investor

Market & Economic Insights / 08.30.21

Chart of the week – A view on rates and risk, part 2

If the Fed is successful in generating inflation, this could bring about higher nominal GDP growth than the US economy experienced in the last cycle. What are the implications?

Market & Economic Insights / 08.20.21

Chart of the week – A view on rates and risk, part 1

We think tapering will begin in early 2022. Where do interest rates go from here?

Market & Economic Insights / 08.12.21

Chart of the week – A new set of outcomes

While near-term inflation momentum may be close to peaking, we believe a strong US economy and, ultimately a tighter labor market, will lead to sustainably higher inflation.

Market & Economic Insights / 07.29.21

Inflation…Emerging Markets…Is this bad?

In the context of emerging markets, the thought of inflation can bring back haunting memories. As the word echoes across the financial media world and is now evident in the real world, let’s look at what inflation may mean for emerging-market investors.

Market & Economic Insights / 07.28.21

Chart of the week - A New Set of Goals

New Federal Reserve goals aim to provide support for strong US GDP growth and inflation.

Product Insights / 05.20.21

Investment Update - Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities Fund

No matter the market environment, our core focus is building a portfolio that has the potential to generate a total return through current income, income growth, and opportunities for capital appreciation.

Market & Economic Insights / 04.20.21

Going Viral: Emerging markets as the End of the Pandemic Hopefully Nears

In a world faced with a viral threat, it has become challenging to make investment decisions with little visibility into the future. Take a look at what we believe investors should consider when thinking: Why emerging markets?

Product Insights / 03.29.21

Investment Update - EME

Emerging markets have come a long way from their boom-and-bust commodity cycle of the 1990’s. Today’s emerging markets are leapfrogging several developed markets in terms of innovative technology and growth opportunities.

Product Insights / 03.19.21

Investment Update

From 2013 to 2015, we faced headwinds as a low interest rate environment challenged our pro-quality investment approach and rewarded companies that piled on debt. Once again, we are experiencing a low interest rate environment; however, this time the Fund has performed well. What’s different this time?

Product Insights / 02.24.21

Investment Update

Last year, investors had to choose between quality and growth. When forced to pick, we chose quality every time. Get our views on the current environment.

CIO Insights / 02.05.21

CIO Insights – The beginning of a new cycle

10 observations of the current market and possible implications for investors in 2021.

Product Insights / 02.01.21

Investment Update

In an unpredictable 2020, the lesson learned was to maintain the Fund’s core stock selection discipline. We believe the market ultimately rewards small caps that can deliver sales and earnings growth and returns on capital.

CIO Insights / 01.08.21

Turning the page on 2020

As we move past the challenges of 2020, we are optimistic about the global economy and markets for 2021.