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Proxy Voting

Prior to the general meeting of a company or fund, shareholders will receive a package in the mail containing a variety of documents that report financial data and operations results and announce important issues - such as proposals for changes to the company's share structure or mergers and acquisitions. These are all matters that shareholders or unit holders, the true owners of the company or fund, will vote on at the general meeting. If, however, a shareholder is not able to attend an annual (or special) meeting, he or she can vote on proposals by means of a proxy, one of the documents that is included in the pre-meeting mailing package. Shareholders are encouraged to take advantage of their opportunity to influence the company and fund’s operations by casting their vote.

Proxy Voting Results

View the results of the funds listed below (FYE 3/31):

  • Ivy Asset Strategy Fund
  • Ivy Balanced Fund
  • Ivy Core Equity Fund
  • Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund
  • Ivy Energy Fund
  • Ivy European Opportunities Fund
  • Ivy Global Bond Fund
  • Ivy Global Equity Income Fund
  • Ivy Global Growth Fund
  • Ivy Global Income Allocation Fund
  • Ivy Government Money Market Fund
  • Ivy High Income Fund
  • Ivy International Core Equity Fund
  • Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund
  • Ivy LaSalle Global Real Estate Fund
  • Ivy LaSalle Global Risk-Managed Real Estate Fund
  • Ivy Limited-Term Bond Fund
  • Ivy Managed International Opportunities Fund
  • Ivy Micro Cap Growth Fund
  • Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund
  • Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities Fund
  • Ivy Municipal Bond Fund
  • Ivy Municipal High Income Fund
  • Ivy Natural Resources Fund
  • Ivy Pzena International Value Fund
  • Ivy Science and Technology Fund
  • Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund
  • Ivy Securian Real Estate Securities Fund
  • Ivy Small Cap Core Fund
  • Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund
  • Ivy Tax-Managed Equity Fund
  • Ivy Value Fund

View the results of the funds listed below (FYE 9/30):

  • Ivy Apollo Multi-Asset Income Fund
  • Ivy Apollo Strategic Income Fund
  • Ivy California Municipal High Income Fund
  • Ivy Cash Management Fund
  • Ivy Corporate Bond Fund
  • Ivy Crossover Credit Fund
  • Ivy Government Securities Fund
  • Ivy IG International High Income Fund
  • Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund
  • Ivy Pictet Targeted Return Bond Fund
  • Ivy PineBridge High Yield Fund
  • Ivy ProShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yield Index Fund
  • Ivy ProShares MSCI ACWI Index Fund
  • Ivy ProShares Russell 2000 Dividend Growers Index Fund
  • Ivy ProShares S&P 500 Bond Index Fund
  • Ivy ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index Fund

View the results of the funds listed below (FYE 6/30):

  • Ivy Accumulative Fund
  • Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation Fund

View the results of the funds listed below:

  • Ivy High Income Opportunities Fund
  • (Closed-End Fund)

View the results of the funds listed below:

  • InvestEd Aggressive Portfolio
  • InvestEd Balanced Portfolio
  • InvestEd Conservative Portfolio
  • InvestEd Fixed Income Portfolio
  • InvestEd Growth Portfolio
  • InvestEd Income Portfolio

View the results of the funds listed below:

  • Ivy VIP Asset Strategy
  • Ivy VIP Balanced
  • Ivy VIP Core Equity
  • Ivy VIP Corporate Bond
  • Ivy VIP Energy
  • Ivy VIP Global Bond
  • Ivy VIP Global Equity Income
  • Ivy VIP Global Growth
  • Ivy VIP Government Money Market
  • Ivy VIP Growth
  • Ivy VIP High Income
  • Ivy VIP International Core Equity
  • Ivy VIP Limited-Term Bond
  • Ivy VIP Micro Cap Growth
  • Ivy VIP Mid Cap Growth
  • Ivy VIP Natural Resources
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Aggressive
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Conservative
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Moderate
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Moderate–Managed Volatility
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Moderately Aggressive
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Moderately Aggressive–Managed Volatility
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Moderately Conservative
  • Ivy VIP Pathfinder Moderately Conservative–Managed Volatility
  • Ivy VIP Science and Technology
  • Ivy VIP Securian Real Estate Securities
  • Ivy VIP Small Cap Core
  • Ivy VIP Small Cap Growth
  • Ivy VIP Value