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CIO Insights / 5.13.2021

Is value’s surge leaving growth in the dust?

The recent resurgence in value has been a sharp contrast to growth’s market leadership in calendar 2020. However, many growth companies have continued to report record earnings, and growth stocks may retake their lead later this year. What does this mean for investors?

CIO Insights / 2.19.2021

Ride the cycle

The global economy stands at the dawn of a new business cycle. What does this mean for investors? We discuss the four phases of the business cycle and how each stage can impact your approach to the markets.

CIO Insights / 12.20.2020

Seeking growth opportunities in 2021

We believe pent-up consumer demand will likely fuel economic growth in 2021, which could bode well for a number of industries. We discuss growth opportunities we see for the large-cap universe in today’s market environment.