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MARKET UPDATE / 11.26.2019

A slowdown on the horizon?

The economic expansion that followed the global financial crisis has run for over 10 years, but Ivy does not see a downturn on the horizon. Strong underlying fundamentals and steady growth indicate potential investment opportunities now and over the longer term.

IVY LIVE / 11.21.2019

Corporate responsibility, ESG and the future of business

In August 2019, the association of CEOs of leading U.S. companies emphasized the need for corporations to benefit all stakeholders. The reactions were immediate and occasionally extreme. What does this all mean for investors?

MARKET UPDATE / 10.31.2019

Tech, trade war and China’s chip ambitions

Equities posted the strongest year-to-date returns in more than 20 years, but muted returns in recent months reflect global concerns. Notably, the ongoing trade war and China’s aggressive tech ambitions present challenges, but may create long-term opportunities.

IVY LIVE / 10.17.2019

Navigating a negative rate world

In today’s slow-growth world, roughly $17 trillion of global fixed income securities have a negative yield. Are negative rates more damaging than helpful? How are investors reshaping their approach? Our panel dives into these issues and more on Ivy Live.

MARKET UPDATE / 09.25.2019

Unpacking corporate responsibility

The Business Roundtable recently redefined its longstanding position that corporations exist principally to serve shareholders. This incited a flurry of press reactions, ranging from “this is simply rhetoric” to “this is the death of capitalism.”

IVY LIVE / 09.19.2019

The economics of geopolitics

Trade war escalation between the U.S. and China as well as protests in Hong Kong have increased investment risk and market volatility. Our panelists examined geopolitical tensions around the world and how they see them influencing investment decisions on the latest Ivy Live.

IVY LIVE / 08.22.2019

FAANG: In the government’s crosshairs

The government is increasing the pressure on many of the ‘FAANG’ companies over antitrust and privacy issues. Will the looming investigations cloud the future of these stocks? Our tech panel dives into this on Ivy Live.

MARKET UPDATE / 08.20.2019

The negative rate phenomenon

Equities have been resilient year to date, but renewed uncertainty and a global phenomenon of negative interest rates are presenting challenges.

IVY LIVE / 07.30.2019

Ivy’s Midyear Outlook: Rates, risks and rallies

Economic fundamentals were solid at the start of the year. Will the Fed, trade and slowing global growth have an impact for the rest of 2019? Our Ivy Live panelists discuss these and other market-moving issues in our Midyear Global Outlook special.

MARKET UPDATE / 07.16.2019

Can June’s rebound continue?

Equities rebounded from a sell-off in May to record their best June in 60 years, sparked by market expectations of a new round of Fed rate cuts and a truce in the U.S-China trade dispute.