A bite out of Apple?


According to the Wall Street Journal, the top player in Africa’s fast-growing smartphone market isn’t Apple or Samsung. It’s Transsion, an obscure Chinese manufacturer that won customers by offering handsets with features targeted to local markets.

Transsion – whose products are sold under the Tecno, itel and Infinix brand names – developed handsets with two SIM-card slots after research showed people were carrying additional cards to avoid making out-of-network calls to save money. It also optimized its cameras to better highlight the features of people with dark skin tones.

“We didn’t want to bring what we had. We wanted to bring what customers need,” said Arif Chowdhury, Transsion’s vice president.

That kind of thinking partly explains how Chinese manufacturers managed to snare more than 40% of the global smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017, double what they had five years ago, according to industry researcher IDC. Meanwhile, Samsung’s and Apple’s share of the global market has begun to slip, down 3.5% last year. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

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