Coke’s latest brew


In a departure from its traditional soda business, Coke plans to launch an alcoholic drink in Japan this year, reports CNN Money.

Coke is trying to get in on the growing market for "chu-hi" – canned, flavored drinks typically made with sparkling water and shochu, a Japanese spirit distilled from grains. The new drink is a "highly Japan-specific approach given the complexity and richness" of Coke's range of products in the country, said Coke spokesperson Yohko Okabe.

The company declined to give further details on the plans, but in a recent blog post, Jorge Garduño, the president of Coca-Cola Japan, said the drink would be "unique" in Coke's history.

"We haven't experimented in the low alcohol category before," said Garduño in the post.

Brewing up an alcoholic beverage is just Coke's latest Japanese experiment. The country is one of the company's most competitive and fast changing markets. It says it launches about 100 new products there every year. (Source: CNN Money)

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