The COVID-19 pandemic and its global impact continue to disrupt the capital markets. Check back for Ivy Investments latest views on the rapidly changing environment.


Ivy Investments' commitment to you - Amy J. Scupham, President Ivy Distributors, Inc.

As the financial markets continue a run of volatility in response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I wanted to update you on our preparation and ongoing agility amid change.

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Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

Big picture, we're seeing more rationality in the last week and liquidity returning to the markets, which is presenting opportunities to capitalize on.


Ivy Economic Insights

Given the backdrop of recent economic data, we see downside risks to our second quarter 2020 forecast.


Ivy Market Insights – First Quarter 2020 review

The first quarter of 2020 was eventful to say the least. Dan Hanson, CIO, provides a market recap and view moving forward.


CIO Insights - Ivy Roundtable Discussion

Dan Hanson, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, recently sat down with key members of the Ivy Investments team to discuss the economic and market implications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Ivy Sector Insights – Consumer discretionary

Are there opportunities in apparel and luxury goods during this market downturn? We believe so.


Ivy Sector Insights – Consumer Discretionary & Consumer Staples

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting retail in many unique ways. What does the future of retail hold?


Ivy Sector Insights – Energy

The world is drowning in oil. How did we get here and where are we headed?


Ivy Sector Insights – Health Care

As the medical response to the COVID-19 outbreak continues to progress, we believe opportunities within the health care sector could emerge over the long term.


Ivy Economic Insights

On the policy front, central banks and governments globally are aligned to help cushion the economic fallout from the outbreak, but the ultimate impact remains uncertain.


Ivy Pictet Targeted Return Bond Fund

The coronavirus has impacted the credit markets in a unique way. Take a look at Pictet Asset Management’s recent views on the economic environment and subsequent Fund positioning.


Ivy Science & Technology Fund

Despite the volatility, the consistency in the way the Fund has been managed over a long period of time, how we invest and the innovation-led strategy – we will continue to do these things.


Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund

Amidst elevated market uncertainty, we continue to find potential opportunities within the small-cap universe, particularly in the information technology and health care sectors.


Ivy Small Cap Core Fund

While the current volatile environment has been hard on small-caps, we continue to rely on our fundamental research to identify opportunities.


Ivy High Income Fund

The widespread selloff of risk assets has impacted the high yield space, but history indicates these types of environments present attractive opportunities.


Derek Hamilton, Global Economist

The coronavirus situation is evolving rapidly and within the last week we have significantly lowered our economic forecast.


CIO Insights - Epidemiology of the markets

The spread of COVID-19 appears to have the global economy on the verge of recession. What’s next? We discuss the economic and market implications of the outbreak with Derek Hamilton, Ivy Investments global economist.

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Ivy International Core Equity Fund

The coronavirus has impacted international markets in a unique way. Take a look at our international investment team’s take.


Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Emerging markets have faced two black swan events – COVID-19 outbreak and the oil war that was initiated by a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Where do markets go from here?


Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

We entered this environment with a more balanced approach to risk, not wanting individual factors like momentum, beta, value, etc. to drive portfolio positioning and overwhelm our fundamental research.


Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

Correlations across asset classes are rising, and there’s an increased need for liquidity. Learn more about our approach in today’s volatile market environment.


Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

While the market impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is stunning and surreal at the same time, we understand our role and will continue to seek competitive total returns, income and be focused on preserving assets.


Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund and Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities Fund

We continue to believe the coronavirus outbreak may be a transitory event that will allow us to invest in companies at more attractive valuations.


Derek Hamilton, Global Economist

The depth and duration of the coronavirus outbreak impact has led us to reevaluate our global growth forecasts.


Dan Hanson, CIO

Despite the increased market volatility, we believe we have a strong fundamental perspective based on our research. During this time, there are four pillars we’re focusing on.


CIO Insights: Coronavirus — Market impact and macro view

Fears the coronavirus could quickly evolve into a global pandemic have wreaked havoc on the capital markets. We believe elevated uncertainties will keep market conditions wildly volatile in the near term, but the virus’ disruptive affect could be temporary.

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Ivy Live: Coronavirus and its ripple effect

Elevated uncertainties over the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic implications have wreaked havoc on the capital markets. On this special edition of Ivy Live, we discussed current market conditions and how long we might be in this wildly volatile environment.

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Market Perspectives: The economic impact of the coronavirus

Fears the coronavirus could quickly evolve into a global pandemic have wreaked havoc on the capital markets. We believe elevated uncertainties will keep market conditions wildly volatile in the near term, but the virus’ disruptive affect could be temporary.

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The impact of COVID-19, and other infectious illness outbreaks that may arise in the future, could adversely affect the economies of many nations or the entire global economy, individual issuers and capital markets in ways that cannot necessarily be foreseen. In addition, the impact of infectious illnesses in emerging market countries may be greater due to generally less established healthcare systems. Public health crises caused by the COVID-19 outbreak may exacerbate other pre-existing political, social and economic risks in certain countries or globally. The duration of the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects cannot be determined with certainty.