Energy goes Gaga


According to The Australian newspaper, an ASX-listed Internet of Things firm backed by Lady Gaga has launched a new device for monitoring utility consumption: the Buddy Ohm.

Buddy Platform chief executive and former Microsoft executive David McLauchlan said the hardware would help bring down energy costs at a time when energy is becoming more expensive than ever.

“Smart cities represent an amazing opportunity to dramatically change how we consume energy, while improving the quality of life for citizens. Improving the efficiency of those underlying systems is the first step for reaching those sustainability goals,” said McLauchlan.

The Buddy Ohm measures consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam and solar power generation for $1,500 per month, which includes the hardware as well as service, maintenance and support.

The company, which is based in Seattle and has an office in Adelaide, is targeting government facilities and public infrastructure as well as buildings owned by corporations.

Microsoft and AF Square, a venture capital outfit set up by pop star Lady Gaga and her former manager, are among Buddy’s seed investors. Gaga isn’t a stranger to tech; she’s also invested $1 million in online start-up Backplane.

The Ohm base unit is installed in proximity to meters or sub-meters, and uses industry standard connectors to monitor electricity, solar, water, steam, gas and other natural and built environment elements. Ohm can then wirelessly connect to other sensors allowing for a network of sensors across cities and buildings. (Source: The Australian)

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