Farming in warehouses?


A start-up called Bowery Farming is putting an urban twist on agriculture, raising leafy greens and herbs in a high-tech warehouse a few miles outside of New York City, reports CNBC.

Using a mix of software, cameras, lights and robotics, Bowery can control precisely how plants grow. CEO and co-founder Irving Fain says chefs love the company's systems because they allow Bowery to make customized ingredients for them, giving kale a softer leaf or arugula a more peppery taste, for example.

According to Fain, one square foot within one of these indoor farms is 100 times more productive than one square foot of arable land.

Today, the company grows and sells its own brand of baby kale, butterhead lettuce, arugula, mixed kales and basil. Some are available in and around New York including at Whole Foods markets, and restaurants Craft and Temple. Both are run by famed chef Tom Colicchio, also an investor.

Fain thinks of Bowery's food as "post-organic." "We grow with no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, no agrochemicals at all," he said. "And we're able to grow 365 days a year, independent of weather." (Source: CNBC)

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