Global Rebalancing / 02.13.18

U.S sells oil in the Middle East

Global Rebalancing / 01.25.18

High-speed rail causing turbulence for airlines

Across Asia and Europe, high-speed rail is providing a competitive alternative to air travel on comparative routes, in terms of price and door-to-door speed, reports Bloomberg.

Global Rebalancing / 12.20.17

India hopes joint venture will cut imports of high-grade auto steel

Reuters reports that, according to sources, state-owned Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) is set to approve a long-proposed $1 billion joint venture with ArcelorMittal at its board meeting in December.

Global Rebalancing / 12.14.17

Where’s the milk to go?

One in every eight Irish jobs is in agriculture and food processing, or agrifood, reports CNBC. In the U.K. province of Northern Ireland, where 1.8 million people live, the agrifood industry accounts for about 70,000 local jobs.

Global Rebalancing / 11.30.17

Forging two rail giants into one

With historic factories located deep in the European heartland and billions of dollars’ worth of contracts with local train operators, Siemens AG and Alstom SA are big players in the European Union’s rail-equipment market, according to Bloomberg. Yet, the companies are expected to win antitrust approval for their planned merger – with some strings attached.

Global Rebalancing / 10.18.17

Japan’s new satellite

With its latest satellite launch, Japan is taking a leap in technology to keep its self-driving cars in their highway lanes and land delivery drones on matchbox-sized targets, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Global Rebalancing / 10.02.17

MiFID to redraw investor research in EU

An overhaul of Eurozone financial-services rules going into effect next year will impact the way investors pay for analyst research, according to Bloomberg.

Global Rebalancing / 09.25.17

Japan and India seek to strengthen ties

Reuters reports that on Sept. 14, the leaders of India and Japan agreed to deepen defense ties and push for more cooperation with Australia and the United States, as they seek to counter growing Chinese influence across Asia.

Global Rebalancing / 09.20.17

Nonstop flights from Australia to New York?

For many years, executives at Australian carrier Qantas Airways Ltd. have coveted a nonstop offering from Sydney and Melbourne to London. Now, as technology has matured, Qantas executives finally see the potential to realize that dream, reports Bloomberg.

Global Rebalancing / 09.12.17

A group effort on transforming energy

Thirty-five countries, including the U.S., China and Russia, are collaborating on a project that could transform energy production, according to CNBC.

Global Rebalancing / 01.17.17

Japan dethrones China

According to Reuters, China will soon be dethroned by Japan as the top holder of U.S. government debt. Why? The Chinese central bank has been dipping into its foreign exchange reserves to support the yuan, while its Japanese counterpart has been content to allow the yen to weaken.

Global Rebalancing / 10.18.16

An aging base

Japan's small firms, many of which are “mom-and-pop” operations, are dying out as their aging owners struggle to find successors, according to Reuters.

Global Rebalancing / 08.30.16

An Indian engineer shortage

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” program, designed to bring more high-grade manufacturing to the subcontinent, is facing a labor shortage, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Global Rebalancing / 09.15.15

Iron Ore Woes

Indian Railways has slashed the cost of transporting iron ore exports for the first time since March of 2012, according to The Economic Times.