Innovation & Transformation / 09.27.18

Managing waste of food

Innovation & Transformation / 09.20.18

Mercedes unveils its first battery-powered model

Innovation & Transformation / 08.29.18

An air-powered auto

A group of Egyptian students has developed a vehicle they say will promote clean energy and take on rising energy costs by running on nothing but air, reports Reuters.

Innovation & Transformation / 07.31.18

A Rolls-Royce robot?

Rolls-Royce announced in July that it is developing tiny “cockroach” robots that can crawl inside aircraft engines to spot and fix problems, according to CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 07.06.18

Traditional journalists are using blockchain for media startup

A new Colorado media startup using blockchain to move away from the ad-based media model and reward journalists for the quality of their work could revolutionize the news industry, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.27.18

A slice of Pi

Technology plays a crucial role in modern life. However, for many, obtaining access to cutting-edge devices in order to develop skills and knowledge is no easy task.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.14.18

Farming in warehouses?

A start-up called Bowery Farming is putting an urban twist on agriculture, raising leafy greens and herbs in a high-tech warehouse a few miles outside of New York City, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 04.30.18

China’s “intelligent highway”

The road to China’s autonomous-driving future is paved with solar panels, mapping sensors and electric-battery rechargers, according to Bloomberg.

Innovation & Transformation / 03.29.18

A 10-second cancer diagnosis

A team of scientists and engineers from the University of Texas at Austin may have figured out a fast and accurate way to diagnose tumors using a pen-sized device, according to CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 05.03.17

Water ball-ttles

Small transparent spheres filled with natural or flavored water could help provide a solution to London's plastic waste problem, reports Reuters.

Innovation & Transformation / 11.01.16

A new virtual payment platform

A blockchain platform developed by a group that includes more than 70 of the world's biggest financial institutions is making its code publicly available in what could become the industry standard for the nascent technology, according to Reuters.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.09.15

Pregnant? There’s An App For That.

Doctors and would-be parents receiving in vitro fertilization (IVF) will soon have access to a new app to monitor the growth of embryos in a lab, according the Wall Street Journal. Typically, once IVF begins, a five-day incubation process is required for fertilized eggs. The app – still nameless – would allow parents to monitor the progress of the zygote.