Innovation & Transformation / 11.12.18

Automated vehicles: humans optional

Innovation & Transformation / 09.27.18

Managing waste of food

As organizations grapple to find solutions to the twin problems of resource shortages and food waste, technology used by NASA could provide a timely solution, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 09.20.18

Mercedes unveils its first battery-powered model

Innovation & Transformation / 08.29.18

An air-powered auto

A group of Egyptian students has developed a vehicle they say will promote clean energy and take on rising energy costs by running on nothing but air, reports Reuters.

Innovation & Transformation / 07.31.18

A Rolls-Royce robot?

Rolls-Royce announced in July that it is developing tiny “cockroach” robots that can crawl inside aircraft engines to spot and fix problems, according to CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 07.06.18

Traditional journalists are using blockchain for media startup

A new Colorado media startup using blockchain to move away from the ad-based media model and reward journalists for the quality of their work could revolutionize the news industry, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.27.18

A slice of Pi

Technology plays a crucial role in modern life. However, for many, obtaining access to cutting-edge devices in order to develop skills and knowledge is no easy task.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.14.18

Farming in warehouses?

A start-up called Bowery Farming is putting an urban twist on agriculture, raising leafy greens and herbs in a high-tech warehouse a few miles outside of New York City, reports CNBC.