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COVID-19 / 03.30.20

Ivy Economic Insights

COVID-19 / 03.27.20

Ivy Science & Technology Fund

Despite the volatility, the consistency in the way the Fund has been managed over a long period of time, how we invest and the innovation-led strategy – we will continue to do these things.

COVID-19 / 03.27.20

Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund

Amidst elevated market uncertainty, we continue to find potential opportunities within the small-cap universe, particularly in the information technology and health care sectors.

COVID-19 / 03.26.20

Ivy Small Cap Core Fund

While the current volatile environment has been hard on small-caps, we continue to rely on our fundamental research to identify opportunities.

COVID-19 / 03.26.20

Ivy High Income Fund

The widespread selloff of risk assets has impacted the high yield space, but history indicates these types of environments present attractive opportunities.

COVID-19 / 03.25.20

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

COVID-19 / 03.25.20

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

COVID-19 / 03.23.20

Derek Hamilton, Global Economist

Market Perspectives / 03.22.20

CIO Insights - Epidemiology of the markets

The spread of COVID-19 appears to have the global economy on the verge of recession. What’s next? We discuss the economic and market implications of the outbreak with Derek Hamilton, Ivy Investments global economist.

COVID-19 / 03.20.20

Latest View: Ivy Economic Insights

COVID-19 / 03.19.20

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

COVID-19 / 03.18.20

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

COVID-19 / 03.18.20

Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

COVID-19 / 03.18.20

Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

COVID-19 / 03.17.20

Latest View: Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund and Ivy Mid Cap Opportunities Fund

COVID-19 / 03.12.20

Dan Hanson, CIO

Market Perspectives / 03.11.20

CIO Insights:
Coronavirus – Market impact and macro view

Fears the coronavirus could quickly evolve into a global pandemic have wreaked havoc on the capital markets. We believe elevated uncertainties will keep market conditions wildly volatile in the near term, but the virus' disruptive affect could be temporary.

Market Perspectives / 03.02.20

The economic impact of the coronavirus

Investor reactions to the coronavirus outbreak have been dramatic, with the major U.S. stock indexes dipping into correction territory. Will the economic impact be as swift and severe? We believe the economic disruption could be sharply negative, but it may also be temporary.

Portfolio Perspectives / 02.12.20

Active approach to navigating the credit market

Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

As the current market expansion continues to mature, the one size fits all attraction of some passively managed fixed income strategies could expose investors to a greater variety of risks than their equity counterparts. We believe in a more nimble approach.

Market Perspectives / 12.04.19

Long-term investors should look beyond stock market volatility

Market volatility can be unsettling, but history shows that prices have returned to less volatile patterns over time. That can be good news for long-term investors.

Market Perspectives / 11.21.19

Ivy CIO Insights: Global tech and U.S.-China trade war

China’s aggressive tech ambitions and the ongoing trade war present challenges, but may create opportunities for long-term investors. Our team discussed navigating the current global technology environment amid the uncertainty.

Market Perspectives / 11.11.19

Emerging markets: A re-emerging opportunity

Many investors have been reluctant to invest in emerging market equities because of concerns about volatility. We believe the fundamentals argue in favor of a strategic allocation.

Market Perspectives / 10.04.19

Q4 Outlook:
Global economy staggers toward year end

Volatility has been the story of 2019. While we believe market headwinds will keeping global economic growth relatively weak for the rest of the year, signs of stabilization could appear in the next few months.

Market Perspectives / 10.02.19

CIO Insights: Staying focused on high-quality business models

The Business Roundtable recently updated its view on the “Purpose of a Corporation” and the reactions were immediate. Is it the end of capitalism? Just lip service to support entrenched management teams? Our team analyzed the potential impact on business, industry analysis and corporate governance.

Market Perspectives / 08.05.19

Fed cuts rates; where do we go from here?

The Fed announced a much-anticipated one-quarter-percentage-point cut to the federal funds rate. Following the decision, Fed Chairman Powell's press conference commentary was perceived as unexpectedly hawkish. While the market had a 'buy the rumor, sell the news’ reaction, but we believe underlying fundamentals should support continued growth during the rest of 2019.