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Review regular updates and insight from our investment management team. Market Perspectives cover broader issues, including the global economy, market environment or sector overviews. Portfolio Perspectives offer analysis from a portfolio manager or team on a specific fund.

Market Perspectives / 11.08.17

Asset allocation moves in new directions

Many have forecast that stock market returns in the next 10 years will not match those of the last 10 years – or even the last 35 years. Instead, they expect lower returns and higher volatility. Get the views of our investment panel on the factors facing asset allocation now.

Market Perspectives / 11.03.17

A change at the Fed - what could it mean?

President Donald Trump has chosen to appoint a new Federal Reserve Chair. If confirmed, Jerome Powell will assume control of the Fed in February 2018.

Morning Meeting Insights / 11.03.17

Investable Theme: Consumer-led U.S. economy

Cynthia Prince-Fox and Chace Brundige, CFA, portfolio managers see a relatively favorable backdrop for U.S. consumers in economic and wage growth, household formations and confidence measures.

Market Perspectives / 10.26.17

Fallen Angels in the abyss

IPUO: Fund ratings that go down can tend to eventually go back up. Is there opportunity to be found before they do so?

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.26.17

Investable Theme: North American Shale

David Ginther, CPA, and Michael Wolverton, CFA, portfolio managers of Ivy Energy Fund, believe that companies with access to the highest-quality drilling acreage and best technology stand to benefit as the price of oil recovers.

Portfolio Perspectives / 10.23.17

Will rising rates translate to investor income?

Income investors often pursue only two choices: lower-risk, lower-yield securities that may not provide the desired income over time, or higher-yielding securities with higher risk. But there's another option: A diversified approach with allocations to the entire yield spectrum of traditional, nontraditional and alternative strategies.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.19.17

Innovation driving advancement in health care

Zachary Shafran and Bradley Warden, portfolio managers of Ivy Science and Technology Fund, believe technological advancements in health care are creating investment opportunities.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.17.17

Investable Theme: Aging population base driving demand for dividend income

Robert Nightingale, portfolio manager of Ivy Global Equity Income Fund, believes an aging population base is providing fundamental support for dividend-paying equities.

Market Perspectives / 10.17.17

Q4 Outlook: A look at key issues, sectors as 2018 approaches

We believe there are opportunities in companies that continue to demonstrate strong fundamentals – despite the occasional distractions of the global news cycle.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.11.17

Investable Theme: Growing consumer culture

Jonas Krumplys, CFA, portfolio manager of Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believes there is growing demand from emerging market consumers for “new economy” goods and services.

Portfolio Perspectives / 10.02.17

Transferring risk through CRT bonds

IPUO: Different strategies can offer different paths. The Ivy Advantus Bond Fund uses credit risk transfer bonds to help diversify their portfolio.

Portfolio Perspectives / 09.25.17

The story of non-rated bonds

Ivy Municipal High Income Fund

IPUO: The bond world has become more sensitive recently about credit quality. But a non-rated bond isn't the same as a poorly-rated bond. Read on to see why.

Market Perspectives / 09.22.17

Federal Reserve announces plans for balance sheet drawdown

For the second consecutive quarter, the Fed chose not to raise rates. At the same time, it announced plans for being to reduce its balance sheet. The drawdown, set to begin in October, will be passive and gradual.

Portfolio Perspectives / 09.19.17

Oil industry faces short-term hurricane impact

Ivy Energy Fund

While it’s too early to know the full economic and human toll of Hurricane Harvey, we expect a relatively short-term impact on the U.S. energy industry.

Portfolio Perspectives / 08.30.17

What's in a rating?

Ivy Municipal High Income Fund

Bond quality ratings continue to be a point of focus in the municipal bond market. But should they be?

Portfolio Perspectives / 08.24.17

Headwinds seen easing as tide turns toward quality growth

Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund

Year to date, the Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund has experienced strong returns and is currently performing better versus the Russell Midcap Growth Index, and a number of its mid-cap growth peers. This commentary discusses the Fund’s recent performance and investment opportunities the portfolio management team is seeing in today’s market.

Portfolio Perspectives / 08.14.17

Investing in a rapidly-changing bond market

The bond market is evolving quickly, as an almost-30-year bull market seems to be drawing to an end. To find yield and income in a new environment, perhaps we need a new way of looking at bond investing.

Morning Meeting Insights / 08.08.17

Impacts of e-commerce on retail

Cynthia Prince-Fox and Chace Brundige, CFA, portfolio managers, believe online and mobile e-commerce will remain a key driver of change for retailers in the U.S. and other countries.

Portfolio Perspectives / 07.25.17

European politics overshadow improving case for international small cap equities

Ivy IG International Small Cap Fund

IPUO -- Despite Brexit and the rise of populist politics in Europe, there is a strong case to be made for international equities in 2017, particularly European small cap stocks.

Market Perspectives / 07.06.17

Midyear Global Market Outlook 2017

Global markets remain strong after growing steadily this year and reaching new highs in U.S. stock indexes. What might investors expect for the remainder of the year?

Portfolio Perspectives / 06.14.17

A time to be selective in the energy sector

Ivy Energy Fund

We believe a selective approach to the energy sector is important now, but do not advocate broad exposure across the industry in the current environment.

Market Perspectives / 06.09.17

U.K. election tempers conservative majority

The results of the United Kingdom’s (UK) general election are a bit of a shock, as the ruling conservative party led by Prime Minister Theresa May lost its majority, winning only an estimated 318 seats in Parliament, versus a needed majority of 326 seats. The UK pound fell by nearly 2%.

Portfolio Perspectives / 06.07.17

Opportunities for growth in evolving market

Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

We think there are ample catalysts for ongoing corporate earnings growth, and think economic growth is broadening to more cyclical parts of the economy and outside the U.S.