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Review regular updates and insight from our investment management team. Market Perspectives cover broader issues, including the global economy, market environment or sector overviews. Portfolio Perspectives offer analysis from a portfolio manager or team on a specific fund.

Portfolio Perspectives / 12.14.18

OPEC output cut may offer positives for oil market

Ivy Energy Fund
Market Perspectives / 11.30.18

Can Emerging Asia dethrone Silicon Valley?

Emerging Asia is solidifying its place in the global technology landscape where the region has evolved from copycat to pioneer. The Ivy Investments team gives its view on how the future of innovation is gradually shifting to areas of the world previously viewed as a hub for low-cost manufacturing or assembly.

Portfolio Perspectives / 11.13.18

Drilling into potential of Oil Services, E&P companies

Ivy Energy Fund

We think the oil market still is early in the recovery stage with solid supply-demand fundamentals. In analyzing potential opportunities, we think several factors may affect two key industry segments.

Market Perspectives / 11.08.18

Investor optimism versus tariff fears --
A domestic view

Despite the constant talk of tariffs and recent market volatility, we believe U.S. investors have plenty of reasons to stay optimistic. Get Ivy's view.

Market Perspectives / 11.07.18

Ivy’s view on the 2018 midterm elections

The people have spoken. Now get Ivy's view on the 2018 midterm elections outcome and what it means for the markets.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.16.18

Investable Theme: Opportunities increasing for small caps tied to U.S. defense spending

The Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund portfolio management team believes that recent increased spending in the U.S. defense budget is just one of a number of tailwinds helping today’s small-cap companies in the technology and services sector.

Market Perspectives / 10.11.18

Q4 Outlook: Entering the final stretch

The Ivy Investments team discusses the global economy outlook as we head into the close of 2018.

Portfolio Perspectives / 10.08.18

Applying a risk-aware process in a volatile market

Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

The Ivy Asset Strategy Fund seeks to generate global equity-like returns by blending Ivy’s best ideas in global equities and global credit with other, less correlated assets to mitigate volatility and downside risk.

Market Perspectives / 10.03.18

Federal Reserve announces September rate hike

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) increased the benchmark federal funds interest rate for the third time in 2018. The Ivy Investments team shares our views on the rate path going forward for the Fed.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.01.18

Investable Theme: Growing consumer culture

Jonas Krumplys, CFA, and Aditya Kapoor, CFA, portfolio managers of Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believe there is growing demand from emerging market consumers for “new economy” goods and services.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.01.18

Investable Theme: Innovation driving advancement in health care

Zachary Shafran and Bradley Warden, portfolio managers of Ivy Science and Technology Fund, believe technological advancements in health care are creating investment opportunities.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.01.18

Investable Theme: North American Shale

David Ginther, CPA, and Michael Wolverton, CFA, portfolio managers of Ivy Energy Fund, believe that companies with access to the highest-quality drilling acreage and best technology stand to benefit as the price of oil recovers.

Portfolio Perspectives / 09.24.18

Emerging markets still offer sound fundamentals

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Emerging markets continue to feel the impact of trade disputes, a strong U.S. dollar, sanctions on Russia and more. We believe the fundamental basis for investing in emerging markets is intact, although market volatility is likely to persist.

Market Perspectives / 08.20.18

Long-term investors should look beyond stock market volatility

Market volatility can be unsettling, but history shows that prices have returned to less volatile patterns over time. That can be good news for long-term investors.

Market Perspectives / 08.15.18

Should investors be worried about tariffs?

Talk of tariffs and trade wars has dominated the headlines, but what's the real economic impact? The Ivy team share their views.

Portfolio Perspectives / 08.13.18

Oil market still focused on supply/demand

Ivy Energy Fund

Volatility is the nature of oil prices and is likely to continue in the next year. Uncertainty about supply and demand is adding volatility and remains a key issue for the market now.

Market Perspectives / 08.06.18

Recession not on horizon, despite yield curve concerns

There is concern about an inverted yield curve, which has been a precursor to several past recessions. But we do not believe a downturn is on the horizon.

Market Perspectives / 06.28.18

2018 Midyear Global Outlook

What’s in store for the second half of 2018? Get the Ivy Investments team’s views in our Midyear Global Outlook.

Portfolio Perspectives / 06.27.18

Emerging markets: Staying the course

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Investors focused on short-term issues may be missing a larger picture. We believe emerging markets – while volatile at times – will continue to offer potential opportunities in the foreseeable future.

Portfolio Perspectives / 06.15.18

When bigger isn't always better: The case for Japanese small cap stocks

Ivy IG International Small Cap Fund

We believe Japanese small cap equities are far less exposed to shaky global trade dynamics and currency fluctuations than their large cap counterparts. Take a look at our top-five reasons that make them a compelling addition to an international small cap portfolio.