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Review regular updates and insight from our investment management team. Market Perspectives cover broader issues, including the global economy, market environment or sector overviews. Portfolio Perspectives offer analysis from a portfolio manager or team on a specific fund.

Market Perspectives / 04.12.18

Q2 Outlook:
Turbulence, trade fears in focus as we look ahead

The Ivy Investments team discusses whether market turbulence and trade tensions could stunt the economic cycle.

Market Perspectives / 03.09.18

Will tariffs stall stocks and economy?

The imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports has added additional variable for investors to consider at a time of increasing market volatility. What's the potential impact on the U.S. economy and markets?

Portfolio Perspectives / 02.28.18

Emerging markets still deserve attention

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

We believe corporate revenue and earnings growth is likely to continue in most key emerging market sectors in 2018 and provide ongoing investment potential.

Portfolio Perspectives / 02.23.18

Adjusting key themes for 2018

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

A recap of 2017 -- what worked and what didn't -- and outlook ahead. Despite uncertainties in the market, we believe our flexible investment approach, incorporating growth and value-oriented securities across the market capitalization spectrum, can drive shareholder value over time.

Market Perspectives / 01.19.18

U.S. dollar faces another challenging year

The U.S. dollar had a rough year in 2017, falling in value against every currency from the “Group of Ten” industrialized countries. What’s the potential for 2018?

Market Perspectives / 01.18.18

Equity valuations look high – should investors care?

Are high equity valuations a concern now? Or will the current bull market continue to run?

Market Perspectives / 12.14.17

2018 Global Economic and Market Outlook

The Ivy Investment team’s views on the global economic landscape and investment themes for 2018.

Market Perspectives / 12.07.17

Drawing down the Federal Reserve balance sheet - what does it mean?

As the Federal Reserve begins the process for reducing its balance sheet balance, find answers to how this may - or may not - affect you and your investments.

Portfolio Perspectives / 12.07.17

Looking for innovation on a broader scale

Ivy Science and Technology Fund

The technology and healthcare sectors have been standout performers in '17 -- hear our take on those sectors, and where we're finding opportunity in today's market environment.

Portfolio Perspectives / 12.01.17

Oil supply picture clouded by global uncertainties

Ivy Energy Fund

Recent arrests in Saudi Arabia that included members of the royal household are only one aspect of the unpredictable factors facing the oil market in 2018.

Portfolio Perspectives / 11.14.17

A micro view in a macro world

Ivy Advantus Bond Fund

With so much happening daily in the markets and around the world, it’s easy to focus on the big picture. The portfolio managers for the Ivy Advantus Bond Fund tend to look a little closer.

Market Perspectives / 11.08.17

Asset allocation moves in new directions

Many have forecast that stock market returns in the next 10 years will not match those of the last 10 years – or even the last 35 years. Instead, they expect lower returns and higher volatility. Get the views of our investment panel on the factors facing asset allocation now.

Market Perspectives / 11.03.17

A change at the Fed - what could it mean?

President Donald Trump has chosen to appoint a new Federal Reserve Chair. If confirmed, Jerome Powell will assume control of the Fed in February 2018.

Morning Meeting Insights / 11.03.17

Investable Theme: Consumer-led U.S. economy

Cynthia Prince-Fox and Chace Brundige, CFA, portfolio managers see a relatively favorable backdrop for U.S. consumers in economic and wage growth, household formations and confidence measures.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.26.17

Investable Theme: North American Shale

David Ginther, CPA, and Michael Wolverton, CFA, portfolio managers of Ivy Energy Fund, believe that companies with access to the highest-quality drilling acreage and best technology stand to benefit as the price of oil recovers.

Morning Meeting Insights / 10.11.17

Investable Theme: Growing consumer culture

Jonas Krumplys, CFA, portfolio manager of Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believes there is growing demand from emerging market consumers for “new economy” goods and services.