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Insights & Outlook: Economy

Market Perspectives / 11.30.18

Can Emerging Asia dethrone Silicon Valley?

Emerging Asia is solidifying its place in the global technology landscape where the region has evolved from copycat to pioneer. The Ivy Investments team gives its view on how the future of innovation is gradually shifting to areas of the world previously viewed as a hub for low-cost manufacturing or assembly.

Market Perspectives / 11.08.18

Investor optimism versus tariff fears --
A domestic view

Despite the constant talk of tariffs and recent market volatility, we believe U.S. investors have plenty of reasons to stay optimistic. Get Ivy's view.

Market Perspectives / 11.07.18

Ivy’s view on the 2018 midterm elections

The people have spoken. Now get Ivy's view on the 2018 midterm elections outcome and what it means for the markets.

Market Perspectives / 10.11.18

Q4 Outlook: Entering the final stretch

The Ivy Investments team discusses the global economy outlook as we head into the close of 2018.

Market Perspectives / 08.15.18

Should investors be worried about tariffs?

Talk of tariffs and trade wars has dominated the headlines, but what's the real economic impact? The Ivy team share their views.