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Review regular updates and insight from our investment management team. Market Perspectives cover broader issues, including the global economy, market environment or sector overviews. Portfolio Perspectives offer analysis from a portfolio manager or team on a specific fund.

Market Perspectives / 06.17.20

Market Liquidity and the Fed

Market Perspectives / 06.02.20

Active managment – Going beyond the index

The debate over the merits of active and passive investing has been going on for some time. Ivy believes investors can derive the most long-term benefit through exposure to well-researched actively managed funds.

Market Perspectives / 05.08.20

Looking beyond stock market volatility

Market volatility can be unsettling, but history shows that prices have returned to less volatile patterns over time. That can be good news for long-term investors.

Portfolio Perspectives / 05.05.20

An active, diversified approach for current income, capital appreciation

Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities Fund

Our active approach and dual mandate of income growth and capital appreciation may help fill the income gap created by record low interest rates and the monetary needs of an aging population.

Portfolio Perspectives / 04.24.20

Focused on long-term business models

Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund

When the market is focused on the short term, we try to take the opposite approach. We look for opportunities to re-position the portfolio into companies where we have high conviction, those names we believe have the long-term ability to withstand market disruptions.

Market Perspectives / 04.21.20

Coronavirus outbreak and the retail and hospitality sectors

The global impact of COVID-19 remains a moving target. And with the retail, transportation and hospitality sectors employing more than 25% of the U.S.’s total private workforce, the consequences on the domestic economy are uncertain. The Ivy investment team provides insight regarding the investment implications in the U.S. consumer sector.

Market Perspectives / 04.04.20

CIO Insights - Ivy Roundtable Discussion

Dan Hanson, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, recently sat down with key members of the Ivy Investments team to discuss the economic and market implications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Market Perspectives / 03.22.20

CIO Insights - Epidemiology of the markets

The spread of COVID-19 appears to have the global economy on the verge of recession. What’s next? We discuss the economic and market implications of the outbreak with Derek Hamilton, Ivy Investments global economist.

Market Perspectives / 03.11.20

CIO Insights:
Coronavirus – Market impact and macro view

Fears the coronavirus could quickly evolve into a global pandemic have wreaked havoc on the capital markets. We believe elevated uncertainties will keep market conditions wildly volatile in the near term, but the virus' disruptive affect could be temporary.

Market Perspectives / 03.02.20

The economic impact of the coronavirus

Investor reactions to the coronavirus outbreak have been dramatic, with the major U.S. stock indexes dipping into correction territory. Will the economic impact be as swift and severe? We believe the economic disruption could be sharply negative, but it may also be temporary.

Portfolio Perspectives / 02.12.20

Active approach to navigating the credit market

Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund

As the current market expansion continues to mature, the one size fits all attraction of some passively managed fixed income strategies could expose investors to a greater variety of risks than their equity counterparts. We believe in a more nimble approach.