Investable Theme: Aging population base driving demand for dividend income

Ivy Global Equity Income Fund

With interest rates and bond yields at historic lows, the need for attractive dividend yield has never been greater.

Worldwide, a demographic trend has been growing — the population base is aging. And this movement is not limited to the U.S.; the eurozone and countries such as China and Japan are facing a similar demographic shift. For example, the aging population (60+) is expected to more than double by 2050.1 With Baby Boomers retiring and individuals living longer, we believe the need for income has never been greater. Interest rates and bond yields remain low, forcing investors to look elsewhere for yield. Funds that provide sustainable dividend yields may be increasingly popular with investors.

Investable Theme in Action: Ivy Global Equity Income Fund

Robert Nightingale and Chris Parker, CFA, portfolio managers of Ivy Global Equity Income Fund, believe an aging population base is providing fundamental support for dividend-paying equities.

A closer look at the Ivy Global Equity Income Fund

Below are 3 examples of stocks we believe provide an attractive dividend yield and capital growth opportunity in an environment where investors are seeking income.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Vinci SA (DG:FP)

Marine Harvest ASA (MHG)

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JNJ: 3.4%, DG:FP: 1.1%, MHG: 0.9% of net assets as of 03/31/2018.

Effective February 26, 2018, Christopher Parker, CFA, was named a portfolio manager to the Ivy Global Equity Income Fund.

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