Investable Theme: Growing consumer culture

Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

An expanding middle class in emerging markets seeks improved lifestyle

Emerging markets have evolved into key sources of global growth, in part because they hold the dominant share of the world’s population. Billions of new consumers are entering the world’s economy and driving the consumption of goods and services. We see evidence of this growing consumer culture focused on “new economy” opportunities across key emerging markets. Those include China, with new demand for a wide range of consumer services, and India, with its reform-minded leaders focused on restructuring the economy and improving infrastructure.

Investable Theme in Action: Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Jonas Krumplys, CFA, and Aditya Kapoor, CFA, portfolio managers of Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believe there is growing demand from emerging market consumers for “new economy” goods and services.

A closer look at the Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Below are three examples of stocks that we believe may benefit from a “new economy” trend.

Mercadolibre (MELI)

Taiwan Semiconductor (2330:TT)

Ping An Insurance (2318:HK)

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MercadoLibre, 2.48%; Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 6.31%; Ping An Insurance, 2.05% of net assets as of 09/30/2018.

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