Investable Theme: Increasing web use in China

Ivy International Core Equity Fund

Growth of internet usage in China may serve as a catalyst for e-commerce growth.

As China seeks to shift its economy fueled by heavy industry and exports towards consumer and service-oriented growth, the need for technological advancement leads the charge. China recently hit an important milestone in its internet development. For the first time, more than half of China’s population was online. At the end of 2016, China had 731 million internet users, more than double the population of the United States. China’s new internet users are mobile native, with approximately 95% preferring to surf the web on their smartphones.1 We believe companies able to capitalize on this secular growth trend stand to benefit.

Investable Theme in Action: Ivy International Core Equity Fund

John Maxwell and Catherine Murray, portfolio managers of Ivy International Core Equity Fund, believe an increase in Chinese internet usage will benefit select companies that have dominant market share or are well positioned for increased usage through their online platforms, payments systems and/or e-commerce services.

A closer look at the Ivy International Core Equity Fund

Below are 3 examples of stocks we believe may benefit from an increase in Chinese internet usage.

Alibaba Group Holding LTD. (BABA, US) (JD)

Naspers Limited (NPN: SJ)

1Source: China Internet Network Information Centre

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BABA, US: 1.6%, JD: 1.3%, NPN: SJ, 1.1% of Fund net assets as of 06/30/2017.

Catherine Murray was named a portfolio manager in January 2017. She previously was an assistant portfolio manager on the Fund since 2014.