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Global Rebalancing / 11.20.18

India’s smartphone boom

Raw Materials & Resources / 11.14.18

Georgia’s pecan harvest hurt by Hurricane Michael

In southern Georgia’s Dooly County, about 175 miles inland from where Hurricane Michael made landfall, cotton farmers and pecan growers were met with violent winds just weeks away from harvesting, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Innovation & Transformation / 11.12.18

Automated vehicles: humans optional

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced new federal voluntary guidance on the development and use of automated vehicles – with the goal of “removing unnecessary barriers” to innovation, reports NPR.

Raw Materials & Resources / 10.04.18

Reconsidering rare earths

The U.S. appears to have shelved its plan to levy tariffs on a critical collection of minerals used in everything from hybrid vehicles to electronic gadgets and military hardware, reports Bloomberg.

Innovation & Transformation / 09.27.18

Managing waste of food

As organizations grapple to find solutions to the twin problems of resource shortages and food waste, technology used by NASA could provide a timely solution, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 09.20.18

Mercedes unveils its first battery-powered model

Global Rebalancing / 09.12.18

A European railway revolution?

The European Union has ordered countries to open all commercial train services to competition by 2020, reports Bloomberg.

Great American Companies / 09.05.18

New standards for medical info access proposed

In August, several U.S. technology giants, including Amazon, Google-parent Alphabet and Microsoft, announced a new proposal to establish common standards for exchanging health information electronically among doctors, especially those working in different hospitals, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 08.29.18

An air-powered auto

A group of Egyptian students has developed a vehicle they say will promote clean energy and take on rising energy costs by running on nothing but air, reports Reuters.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.22.18

Straw prices hurting EU farmers

Livestock and dairy farmers across northern Europe are paying soaring prices for straw used in food and bedding for cattle, as hot, dry weather takes a toll on regional crops, reports Reuters.

Global Rebalancing / 08.07.18

Hong Kong embracing virtual banks

Hong Kong, a global leader in banking and finance, is bracing for the arrival of so-called virtual banks — financial institutions without physical branches where all transactions are online – reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 07.31.18

A Rolls-Royce robot?

Rolls-Royce announced in July that it is developing tiny “cockroach” robots that can crawl inside aircraft engines to spot and fix problems, according to CNBC.

Raw Materials & Resources / 07.17.18

LNG not on tariff list

China’s omission of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its vast list of U.S. products that face hefty import duties has preserved a potential weapon should the trade war with Washington deepen, reports Reuters.

Global Rebalancing / 07.17.18

Boeing, Embraer join forces

Boeing and Embraer announced a joint venture in July as a way for the U.S. manufacturer to produce regional jets, reports USA Today.

Global Rebalancing / 07.12.18

China hands the world a 111 million ton trash problem

For years, China has been the world’s biggest importer of used plastic, buying 106 million tons of old bags, bottles, wrappers and containers annually, according to Bloomberg. So last year, when the country announced it would cease buying the world’s trash, other governments knew they had a problem, but were unsure how big of a problem.

Innovation & Transformation / 07.06.18

Traditional journalists are using blockchain for media startup

A new Colorado media startup using blockchain to move away from the ad-based media model and reward journalists for the quality of their work could revolutionize the news industry, reports CNBC.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.27.18

A slice of Pi

Technology plays a crucial role in modern life. However, for many, obtaining access to cutting-edge devices in order to develop skills and knowledge is no easy task.

Raw Materials & Resources / 06.20.18

Pushing for oil production

The U.S. government has quietly asked Saudi Arabia and some other producers in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase oil production by about 1 million barrels a day, reports Bloomberg.

Innovation & Transformation / 06.14.18

Farming in warehouses?

A start-up called Bowery Farming is putting an urban twist on agriculture, raising leafy greens and herbs in a high-tech warehouse a few miles outside of New York City, reports CNBC.

Raw Materials & Resources / 06.06.18

Wild for wild salmon

Prices for Norwegian salmon have surged as faltering supply combines with booming global demand, according to Bloomberg.