Raw Materials & Resources / 06.20.18

Pushing for oil production

Raw Materials & Resources / 06.06.18

Wild for wild salmon

Prices for Norwegian salmon have surged as faltering supply combines with booming global demand, according to Bloomberg.

Raw Materials & Resources / 04.30.18

Technology fuels growing demand for cobalt

Cobalt is rapidly rising in price and could face possible shortages in the future, reports CNBC. Why? The once little-known element is a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries, which are in high demand because of their use in a wide array of technological devices, including mobile phones and electrified vehicles.

Raw Materials & Resources / 04.25.18

Plant soybeans or corn?

Planting season, a critical time for farmers, just became more nerve-wracking for U.S. growers of soybeans and corn, reports Bloomberg. In a move that caught many in U.S. agriculture by surprise, China, on April 4, announced planned tariffs on American shipments of the two crops.

Raw Materials & Resources / 02.22.18

Battery power for sale

U.S. regulators have leveled the playing field for batteries and other forms of energy storage, voting to eliminate market barriers for those technologies, reports Bloomberg.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.13.15

Shale, Propane and Fleets

Sales of propane-powered vehicles are on the rise in the U.S., according to Bloomberg. The increase is especially noticeable among companies that operate fleet vehicles that would normally be powered by diesel.