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Too much of a good thing

Raw Materials & Resources / 11.01.17

Australia digs lithium

Bloomberg reports that ground zero in the global scramble for lithium is a small patch of northern Australia’s iron-ore rich outback. There, work is accelerating to deliver the world’s next major lithium mines in order to feed soaring demand from electric vehicle battery makers.

Raw Materials & Resources / 10.23.17

Hurricanes batter orange and cotton crops

Bloomberg reports that Hurricane Irma, which dropped as much as 17 inches of rain on citrus-growing areas in Florida over a 24-hour period, made it impossible for farmers to reach their groves, resulting in destroyed trees and fruit dropping to the ground unharvested.

Raw Materials & Resources / 10.03.17

Soybean prices buoyed by strong U.S. exports and Brazil dryness

Soybean futures were poised for a fifth consecutive week of gains for the week ending Sept. 22, reports Reuters, based on strong demand and dry weather concerns in Brazil, the world’s leading exporter of soybeans.

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China sends tungsten prices soaring

The price of one of the most critical materials for the Western world’s economy and defenses is spiking faster than any major commodity, reports Bloomberg.

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Minor metals, major impact

It’s turning out to be a great year for minor metals, reports Bloomberg.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.28.17

Australian nickel operation suspended

According to Bloomberg, First Quantum Minerals Ltd., a Vancouver-based company, recently announced its decision to suspend the Ravensthorpe nickel operation in Western Australia after the metal used in stainless steel production missed a rally by everything from aluminum to zinc.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.21.17

Sweet tooth satisfaction

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced four sugar program adjustments aimed at increasing the U.S. sugar supply by 414,000 short tons, raw value, to ensure an adequate supply of raw sugar in the U.S. for the remainder of the current marketing year that ends Sept. 30, reports Food Business News.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.14.17

Coffee trends revive African industry

Bloomberg reports that customers willing to pay a premium for African brews, known for their floral, fruity flavors, are driving purchases of coffee from the continent where the drink is said to have originated.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.07.17

A pork-free Germany?

The nation that gave the world bratwurst and hot dogs is cutting back on its favorite pork sausages and loading up plates with more veggie concoctions instead, according to Bloomberg.

Raw Materials & Resources / 07.26.17

Better with bacon

A national craving for bacon is pushing U.S. pork-belly prices to record highs, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Raw Materials & Resources / 07.19.17

Power shift

Not long ago, coal provided 98% of the electricity for the pulp-and-paper mills and iron-ore producers around the western edge of Lake Superior, as well as the nearby city of Duluth, Minn. That was 2005. Today, coal use is plunging, and by 2025, it is expected to power just one-third of this region, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Raw Materials & Resources / 06.23.17

Coal – end of an era?

Production of coal dropped by a record amount in 2016, reports Bloomberg. China, the world’s biggest energy consumer, burned the least coal in six years and use dropped in the U.S to a level last seen in the 1970s.

Raw Materials & Resources / 06.13.17

Military metal in the flip of a switch

The U.S. could use an existing technology to produce all the specialized “high-purity” aluminum it needs for defense applications, seemingly with the flip of a switch, according to Bloomberg.

Raw Materials & Resources / 06.05.17

India limiting sugar imports

India, the world’s biggest sugar consumer, has no plans to allow extra imports of the sweetener as stocks held in mills will suffice, reports Reuters.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.13.15

Shale, Propane and Fleets

Sales of propane-powered vehicles are on the rise in the U.S., according to Bloomberg. The increase is especially noticeable among companies that operate fleet vehicles that would normally be powered by diesel.