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Australian power problems

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Measuring GDP

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Gold (production) loses its gleam

The world’s gold miners will be running on the spot for years to come as a surge in gold prices prompts them to secure new production from less profitable projects, according to Bloomberg.

Raw Materials & Resources / 02.15.17

China forecasts corn imports at decade low

According to Reuters, China’s recent forecast of a drop in corn imports to their lowest in at least a decade may end a years-long bonanza for global merchants and producers as maize prices in the world’s biggest grains market have dropped below global prices.

Raw Materials & Resources / 02.01.17

Down Under delay

Australia's plans for a huge increase in its production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are being dealt a big blow by a series of production delays, as energy companies struggle with technical problems and cost overruns, according to Reuters.

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Cool it!

Large web companies and data center operators are increasingly deploying water-cooled systems to cool computing and data storage systems, according to Datacenter Dynamics.

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China closes plants to fight pollution

According to Reuters, China's top steelmaking city has ordered many of its industrial factories to curb production or even close for as long as four months through March in a bid to clear the skies of smog.

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Renewable India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs at least $100 billion more to finance India’s goals for clean energy even after his government’s policies brought in record investment in wind and solar power stations, according to Bloomberg.

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Water warfare

Himalayan rivers have become the new flash point in the bitter India-Pakistan conflict, according to Bloomberg, providing the latest diplomatic weapon in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to isolate Islamabad.

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An outcry over spilled milk

According to the Wall Street Journal, farmers in the U.S. are pouring out tens of millions of gallons of excess milk, amid a massive glut that has slashed prices and has filled warehouses with cheese.

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Shine off aluminum?

Semi-finished aluminum goods in China are being turned back into metal, according to Reuters, highlighting a glut in supply that casts doubt on the sustainability of a price rally this year.

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Beefing up

Grass-fed beef, once a niche market, is now sold at ballgames, convention centers and nearly every Walmart in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal.

Raw Materials & Resources / 09.26.16

Gigha watts

According to Financial Times, a set of community-owned wind turbines on the Scottish island of Gigha is about to be joined by a less dynamic but potentially more important electrical innovation: a battery.

Raw Materials & Resources / 08.13.15

Shale, Propane and Fleets

Sales of propane-powered vehicles are on the rise in the U.S., according to Bloomberg. The increase is especially noticeable among companies that operate fleet vehicles that would normally be powered by diesel.