September Highlights: A dramatic autumn in Washington


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While the turmoil in Washington D.C. has at times seemed more of a soap opera than a legislative session, there are several crucial issues that must be resolved now that Congress is back in session.

Join us as we share Beltway-insider knowledge on the happenings in Washington and how they may impact the markets, including:

  • The budget: A new budget must be passed by Oct. 1 or a government shutdown could occur.
  • Ongoing Russia hearings: Who is up next to testify, and what will they have to say?
  • Tax reform: Can Congress pass a new tax bill amidst the swirling investigations and grand juries? If so, when and what will it look like?


Greg Valliere
Chief Political Strategist
Horizon Investments
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Derek L. Hamilton
Global Economist
Ivy Investment Management Company
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Daniel P. Becker, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Ivy Investment Management Company
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