Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis is a powerful tool that allows you to uncover your portfolio’s aggregate characteristics—all based on the underlying securities in the investments you own. Use this tool to analyze your portfolio’s risk, exposure to different investment sectors and styles, top holdings in individual stocks, and overall strengths and weaknesses.

Multiple Fund Comparison

Multiple Fund Comparison allows you to compare and contrast the performance, portfolio, operations, and risk factors of up to five securities. Use the Multiple Fund Comparison to contrast a recommended fund with a fund in a current portfolio or to find the best option within a group of similar funds.

Investment Growth

The Hypothetical Investment Growth Chart allows you to view a fund’s historical performance in relation to a benchmark or alternate investment. Use this tool to perform in-depth research on a particular fund without leaving the Products section of the site, allowing you to find the information needed to make investment decisions without interruption.

Find Similar Funds

Find Similar Funds is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze competing products or to find replacements for existing holdings. The process is simple: enter an open-end mutual fund or exchange-traded fund as the target security.

Portfolio Comparison

Portfolio Comparison is a powerful tool that creates a revealing side-by-side analysis of two separate portfolios to help your clients understand exactly how your proposed portfolio compares with their current holdings. Use this tool to analyze asset allocation, regional and sector exposure, investment style, and underlying holdings for two portfolios. The end result is a set of PDF reports that helps you present your recommendations and clearly explain proposed changes to your client either at an asset class or investment level.

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