Purchase Shares

An investor account may only be opened through a registered financial advisor. There are several ways you can purchase shares with an existing account.


Once you have registered for online account access you can manage your accounts through our website at your convenience. Refer to Online Account Features for additional information.


Send your check, made payable to Ivy Funds, along with the top portion of your Transaction Confirmation or the last page of your Quarterly Statement, to:
Ivy Investments
PO Box 219722
Kansas City, MO 64121-9722
Please do not mail cash.


We accept wired monies of $1,000 or more for money market accounts.


You can make purchases by phone by speaking to a Client Services Representative at 1-888-923-3355. Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT.

Automatic Bank Draft

Our Automatic Investment Service (AIS) authorizes drafting of your checking account for a specified amount to be invested regularly on a day determined by you. This service may be increased, changed, suspended or terminated by you at any time. To establish AIS, the initial investment is $50.00 per fund and a minimum investment of $25.00 for all subsequent investments.

Automatic Reinvestment

One of the most convenient ways to build the value of your account is to elect to automatically reinvest dividends and capital gains distributions. We reinvest them without a sales charge.

Reinvesting Redeemed Shares

If you have received money through the redemption of Class A Shares of an Ivy Fund, you may reinvest all or part of that money into the same class of shares of the same Ivy Fund without incurring an additional sales charge. You must exercise this one-time privilege within 45 days of the redemption. This does not reverse the redemption and you’re still responsible for taxes related to the gain or loss on the redemption.

If an Ivy Fund Class B or Class C shareholder reinvests all or part of a redemption amount in the same class of shares of the same fund within 45 days of the redemption, then the amount of the deferred sales charge, if any, attributable to the amount reinvested will be reimbursed to the account.

This is a one-time privilege. A reinvestment under this privilege will be treated as a new investment for purposes of computing any future deferred sales charges.