Reports & Statements

As a shareholder you will receive several reports and statements as outlined below. As a feature of your online access you may request to receive all or some of this information electronically only. For more information log in to your account or refer to eDelivery for additional information.

Annual & Semiannual Reports

You’ll receive Annual and Semiannual Reports featuring current portfolio and financial information for each fund you own. (Subject to the "householding" guidelines set forth in your prospectus.)

Quarterly & Year-End Statements

We mail quarterly statements after the end of each calendar quarter. The statement presents a summary of the transactions processed for each fund in your account since the beginning of the year and the number of and value of shares in your account as of the date of the statement.

The Quarterly and Year-End Statements that are mailed to you reflect the status of your accounts on our records. Please report any discrepancy immediately to our Client Services Division at 1-888-923-3355.